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This year's Virgo Bash was one of the best. Rootsrock Sound truly put on a great bash. It was a good vibe throughout the night. Black Reaction proved why they are one of Toronto's top rated sounds. Sel. Black's kept the crowd moving and dancing throughout his set. He played a good combination of oldies and new tunes. It was good to hear the pepperseed rhythm, Joyride etc. It brought back the old dancehall vibe. While they played a few new tunes, to get the dancing fraternity happy, George Straight was in the building showing us the Nuh linga, Ghetto Creeper etc., the night was more all around so everyone could enjoy the dance. I was dissapointed however, at the lack of dubs played by Black Reaction. In fact I never heard any while I was there, nor did he play any badman anthems. No Bounty Killas's, no Cobra's, No Ninjaman's etc. We all know a "di gal dem run tings" but these sounds have to realize that "bad man inna de dance to"

Lionpaw, Underground and Roots Rock kept the same vibe when thay came on. Everyone was dancing, girls a whine, men throwing their gun fingers in the air, it was truly a great dance.

I have to comment on the Elementz Gallery. It is truly a great place for a dance. The clean environment and spacious surroundings made you feel right at home, I hope this becomes our new dancehall headquaters.

Near the end of the dance our local dj's took the stage. Performances by new sensation Dougla & Channel was truly exhilirating. Sorpian, King Arubis, Mr. Bris and Singing Sensation "Rusty" had everyone screaming for more.

Big up to the 30 Someting Crew back in the building. Selebrity, George Straight it was good to see you all and much respect for the dancehall massive showing up inspite of the rain.

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