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Normally this site is dedicated to reggae news and entertainment, but every now and again we like to report on non reggae related news and events. In this case it was the birthday bash held for Dougie Fresh at the Charles H Wright Museum. Detroitreggae arrived at the Museum at around 10:00pm although the event was from 8pm-2am I wanted to get there early to hear some old school hiphop. Inside was a crowd of only about 250-300 people. It was great to see guys coming in dressed in suits, felt hats, dress slacks and shoes. Women weren't outdone they were dressed in skin tight dresses, heels etc. surely, this was reflective of a more mature crowd, had this been a birthday bash for Soulja Boy, long tees and baggy jeans would have been the order of the day.

The DJ, I believe was Charles Hicks. He did a great job mixing those oldies but goodies. Those hits of the past got everyone either on the dance floor or just standing around throwing their fist in the air. Chubb Rock's "Treat them right" got a big "forward" so too did DJ Rob Base, "It takes two" it was just great being around people who came up during my time remembering about the past.

At around 12:45 the first of a list of legends came out to perform. The first was Dana Dane. A legend in his own right Dana dane got the party started. With hits like "Cinderfella" and "Nightmares" he had everyone pumping their fist and reciting the words. Next was the original lady of rap, MC Lyte. MC Lyte has grown into one of the most beautiful ladies I have seen in a long time. Her short hair style and that flawless skin tone was amazing to see. She got the party even more hype With hits like, "Paper Thin" and "Lyte as a rock" women and men alike was screaming for more. At one point she felt like the audience wasn't able to see her fully because of a barrier in front of the stage, so she was hoisted up onto the top of the barrier and really started to get "ill".

Next came Slick Rick, the greatest story teller. Slick Rick was somewhat upset because the DJ was playing "The Show" right before he was to perform. I overheard him on the mic telling someone to tell the dj to turn that off, how can he play the song he's about to perform. I thought to myself how stupid can a dj be, why would he play their biggest hit. Anyway Slick Rick came out "Trunk down excessive' gold and diamonds everywhere. He got the crowd in a frenzy, Children's Story and "Teenage love"had everyone crying for more. He then brought out the man of the hour, "Dougie Fresh." Dressed in a suit and tie, the world's greatest entertainer came to party. When him and Rick did the "Show" I thought the place would explode. Girls were screaming, men were shouting it was truly a sight to see.

Dougie Fresh did more than just perform. He implored everyone to get out and vote. He said, it was important to change the current administration and elect Barrack Obama as our next President.

It was a wonderful show. Happy birthday, Dougie Fresh and I wish you many more to come.

PS: Dougie brought his protege "Little Vicious" out to perform his hit "Dem a freak" it was good to hear some reggae vibe in a hophop setting.

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