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It was a hard fought battle but one sound had to prevail. This clash has to be one of the most memorable clashes in Detroit's history. It was pure excitement from start to finish. The night started out with early juggling by Underground, Rudy Mack & Roots Rock Sound. While all did well, I was hoping to hear more older foundation tunes. It seems that there was a rush to show how many new tunes each could play, but the dance was not there yet. Had they played tunes on the pepperseed & joyride rhythms for example the dance would have had a much better vibe.

Killa won the toss and played first. He wasted no time in attacking Infinity. Dressed in all white Killa first attacked Infinity's sound system. Killa said that "the sound nuh sound good a idiot sound dis" killa used the 1st '45 round to play a lot of older hardcore tunes. A medley of Bounti Killa's got the crowd in a frenzy. A few well placed Mavado's and Jah Cure almost tore the place down. Infinity was next. Paul's entry was by far one of the most unique entries I have ever seen. Paul wore an arabic turban signifying that he was a Taliban with an intent to kill. Infinity started out by telling Killa that "me suck my mother and get milk, Killa you suck Wizz and get shit" this speech received a big forward. However, that's the biggest forward Infinity received in the round, Infinity's '45 round failed to deliver the vibe Infinity was seeking. At no time was Infinity able to deliver the hardcore vibe that Killa was able to do in his round. When Killa came in for his second '45 round he told Paul to "fuck off with his Taliban wig" Killa then grabbed the turban and used it to wipe off the mic because after "Paul had used it- it smell like pumpum". Killa played some more hardcore tunes including a barage of Ninjaman's and some more Bounty and even a Cobra. Rounds 1&2 in the'45 round went to Killa.

Infinity however, turned the tables around in round 2 (The dubplate Round). Paul excited the crowd when he told Killa that "any how de Fedx package did come killa you woulda dead." Out of no where a Fed X delivery man entered the dance with a fedex package, Paul jumped for joy and told Killa "him dead now". Infinity totally dominated the dub round. Infinity's range of dubs from old to new took Killa by surprise. From Mavado to Beenieman, Vybz kartell and Bugle infinity had it all. Killa who it seems had not cut any new dubs didn't have an answer for Infinity's onslaught. Infinity added insult to injury by playing a host of local artist on dubs including Myatu and new sensation "Duggla" aka Indian. Killa did play a Phantom on dub and while it received a big forward it failed to counteract the "Trini Gun". 2nd Round was easily one by Infinity.

The tune fi tune round saw Killa coming back some what. Killa did well when he played a Ken Booth but Infinity countered well with a Cocoa Tea. Most gave the round to Infinity. However, the dance was being judged on the overall dance not just on who won the individual rounds.

Killa won the clash by a very slim margin only two or three votes seperated the winner., In fact there was controversy as to who actually one. Some people said that it was a tie, others said that Infinty actually one. I guess we will have to have another dance to get the true winner.

Big up to Buffalo sorry you couldn't make it. Thanks to everyone that turned out it was truly a remarkable event.

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