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Well if you wanted excitement you got it. Pumpum Audition was non stop excitement from start to finish. entered the building at approximately 1am. Only about 20 or so people was inside being entertained by Rudy Mack from Forensic sound. Eventually the crowd would max out to only about 100 people a low turnout for such a talked about event.

Rudy Mack displayed his musical talent by playing a good mixture of culture and hardcore tunes which got the crowd ready for Vybez Machine and Juxie Blacks from Pittsburgh. Vybez Machine and Jukie Blacks know how to party. This was not one of the typical dances where interaction between the selectors and the cowd is limited to "mek me see you hand inna di air" no ! This was a well choreographed show.

All the dance crews showed their versality. Dancers were representedby Selebrity, Glamour Girlz, George Straight, Sexy Rush, Hype Squad, Triple X, Kitty fr Hottaflexx, Empress, Nocturnal and Karkell & Karma with a "K" fr. Minneapolis. Jukie Blacks got the Audition going with the new tunes, the girls went wild. Karma and Karkell sporting a very sexy bikini polka dot outfit took the floor and started the ball rolling. Empress, Selebrity and the Doll Face Crew took it to an even higher level. Not to be out done by anyone Selebrity and Empress got on top of the speaker boxes and went wild. Thereafter a member of Vybez Machine also went on top of the speaker box and simulated getting on top of Selebrity. Selebrity kicked out the ceiling panels causing hundred's of dollars worth of damage to Victory One. Things got even crazier when Jukie Blacks pulled the green sofa out in the middle of the dance floor and placed Kitty to lie down. He started to dance standing over her and then jumped on top of her, in all the excitement Kitty's wig fell off and the sofa was also demolished by the constant pounding. It was hilarious to see Jukie Blacks put the wig on his head while still playing music. At one point Jukie Blacks not to be out done grabbed kitty and marched her into the broom closet and shut the door he emerged about 5min. later holding his back saying "kitty mash him up"

This party was like nothing I have ever witnessed. Girls had their tits out, guys diving on top of them it was mad excitement. It wasn't all about the women however, the men did their thing. Hype Squad represented Chicago well , with some well choregraphed dance moves. George Straight, represented Detroit well along with the Movie Star Crew.

The dance was nice, but I have to admit that the selectors could have slowed down the pace of the dance by playing some more cultural tunes. many people walked away not satisfied with the selections that were played. The dancehall cannot be made into a showcase for gyrating half naked women and men. There has to be some degree of decency in the dancehall. Asking the men in the dance to "finger" the women while they dance is taking the dancehall too far. I understand that things have changed, but the fundamental essence of the dancehall should be the cultural upliftment of our people.


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