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Almost 1700 people packed inside the Atrium in Atlanta to come see two of dancehall's greatest legends,. Super Cat and Junior Reid. The evening started out with early juggling by Adoni sound with Sel. Dread at the controls. Adoni did great keeping the early vibes. A good mix of new and old tunes kept everyone moving. The show started at about 2:30am. Early performers included singer Ikush, femal dj, Jeenie Slic and direct from the Virgin Islands, Rock City. Junior "One Blood" Reid performing without a band (Rumors are that he's demanding upwards of $45,000 if a band is included) gave a powerful performance. He started out with "Foreign Mind" which got a big forward, "no deport de youths dem", "This is why we hot" and his biggets hit "One blood" had everyone hyped. Junior Reid's performance while good was not great. He simply just did his tunes and left. No words of inspiration for the youths between songs and no real stage performance. However, it was good to see and hear one of dancehall's best.

However, the night belonged to Super Cat. The Apachie came on stage in a full white suit with matching hat. (see pics in our gallery) Super Cat's almost 2 hour performance was exciting from start to finish. The Cat showed us why he has, and remains to be, one of dancehall's greatest dj's. Super cat delivered every hit he ever had. Starting out with "Vineyard Style", "Mek mi come dung". "Jamaica Jamaica" "Lovers in de Park", "Boops" " Don Dada", "Not sure anymore", "Mud up", "Dog heart Apachie", "Under pressure" His performance was stellar. In between his tunes, unlike Junior Reid, he gave the youths word of inspiration. He talked about rastas out there who dread up, but are not true rastas, and he talked about gangstas going around killing innocent people.. I only wished the great Nicodemus and the great Early B couldn't have been on the stage performing alongside the Apachie.

It was great being backstage after the show to see Super Cat and Junior Reid uncut. Super Cat was telling JR that it was him and Jr that started this business from way back when. That they are the true dancehall's veterans. Super Cat even started to talk about a recent event where he had been arrested in New York and that he almost spent a few months in Jail.

Just want to say thanks to Island Jam promotions for organizing such a wonderful event. Just want to comment on Atlanta's dancehall massive.

Detroit no disrespect, but ATL has you beat by far when it comes to fashion. The women were so well dressed that I had to shake my head in disbelief. Typically the women that come to our dances wear jeans and sweater, shirt etc. Not in Atlanta, these women were dressed up in mini skirts, heels, designer clothes, handbags etc. and the same went for the men. We in Detroit have to step up the fashion trend so we don't look so drab. Just my comment.


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