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Killa's B/day Bash was indeed a BASH!!!. A capacity crowd of over 200 people packed Victory One for one of the most memorable reggae parties in a long time. At 1am when DRC arrived in the building it was already packed. B/Day boy Killa was on the turntables performing his magic. Lot's of speeches and good mixes kept the frenzied crowd moving and hollering for more. Killa then relenquished control over to Untouchable Sound. By most accounts this was one of the better moments for Untouchable. they started out slow but gained momentum with big tunes including Capleton/s "Deh pon top a tings" followed by a Beenie Man on the same rhythm.

Infinity came in and set the place on fire. Ace sel. Kirk and Paul started out with some good old fashion oldies then kept the fire blazing with a barage of new tunes which delighted the dance crews.

Underground some proved a good culture segment including some good old tunes which kept the diverse crowd wanting for more.

The night included live performances from some of Detroit's up and coming artists. I made sure to tell them that this was no CD Release Party and that their performance should be short and brief. Mr. Brisk, Scorpian, King Arubis, Rusty and Derrick Irie all did extremely well. Each getting big forwards for their performances.

After the live round the music continued with Killa and Infinity playing together. This was especially nice because their tandem proved to be just what the crowd wanted. Killa went back in time playing some old R&B and some spectacular love songs. Which everyone enjoyed.

All in all it was a very special night for one of Detroit's best DJ's. Killa who turned "57" has been a part of Detroit's music scene from 1995, he has remained a constant force in the reggae culture in Detroit. From his start at Page One to his current home in Trenchtown, Killa has, and remain to be, one of Detroit's very best.

Big up to all that attended. Sweetness was in the building. Girl you HOTT, can't wait for your big bash in April. Big up RGE, Styles dah dress deh sell-off. Big up de Movie Star Crew. Buffalo you shoes nuh badda dan fe me own. Browning, Mr. Fuji, Nocturnal Crew, Doll Face Crew, Marcia and the Crew and everyone that attended big up.

PS see pics in the picture gallery

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