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Hotter than hot is the only way to describe this dance. A capacity crowd of over 150 people packed into Victory One for what hast to be, the best theme dance ever in Detroit. Music was provided by Vybz Machine out of Pittsburgh and Roots Rock out of Detroit. There was an impressive number of people that were "dressed for the occassion". Outfits ranged from simple scrubs to very exotic garters and lingerie type uniforms. Vybz Machine looked as if they came for surgery. Dressed in scrubs and surgical mask they gave the people the type of medical/musical attention they deserved. Roots Rock played a good segment of foundation tunes and also a good round of newer jiggy tunes. Vybz Machine did the same but brought us all back with some old school R&B & Hiphop. Which, by the way the crowd reacted, everyone enjoyed.

Dancers were in full effect including Glamour Girlz, Selebrity and the Movie Star Crew. All did well in keeping a good vibe throughout. The highlight of the night however, came when Vybz Machine used a stetiscope to check the heart or should I say breast rate of China Doll, heart checked ok so they checked out the pumpum rate and I guest it was high because all of a sudden Fudgie jumped back and almost fell on his back.

A contest was held for best outfit. Won by Glamour Girlz's China Doll- see headline caption.

All in all it was a wonderful event. Hopefully part 2 will be held next year.

Thanks to Grown Azz Folks for keeping the vibe alive. Continued success for the future.

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