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Wow! What a dance. words can't begin to express my feelings. First of all thanks to all that attended, without you this could have never been a success.

PT1 Clubhouse. Detroitreggae arrived at the clubhouse at approximately midnight. A capacity crowd of over 200 had already filled the Clubhouse. Providing the early juggling were Roots Rock Sound and Mixology. Both sounds kept a good vibe, switching between reggae, soca and hiphop. At 12:30 Killaface and Black Kat entered the building. Also entering the building were the featured dancers. Detroit's own George Straight, Glamour Girls, Detroit's DHQ Selebrity, Simone, Hype Squad from Chicago, Andre Maddem from NewYork, Da Main Attraction from Chicago, Diamond from Toledo, Destiny and Trini from Cleveland, Triple XXX from Chicago and special guest Carmen Black DHQ from Minneapolis. Everyone was glued to the stage as the dancers went through their various routines. George Straight showed his new dance, the Jefferson made famous by George Jefferson. Chicago dancers gave us the "Cut them off", "let me loose" and "Block dem out". The dancing went on until 2am then we all went to the AFTER PARTY.

Victory One was just as packed as the Clubhouse. over 220 people packed the building to witness one of the wickedest clashes in a long time. The clash was delayed for an hour because of technical difficulties with the sound system. The clash finally got started around 3:15am. Killaface went first he had a fairly good round. He started out with a Junior Reid " Skull ago bore" to a big forward, followed by Sizzler's 'Killerface standing firm" other dubs include, Capleton "Wicked Sound have fi fall", Foxy Brown's "Sorry", Chuck Fender, "Gas dem and light dem" and Bounti Killa's, "Threat to Killaface" Killaface wasted no time in this round in letting Panta know that he's not afraid of him. At one point Face said, "Panta you name nuh frighten me a bumbo cloth", "You think sey a just car alone we sell down yah".

Panta started his round by telling Killaface that "you a nuh killaface you a Rasta Shave Face" making light of the fact that Killaface is a rasta but is also clean shaven. Panta started the round quite the opposite from Face. New tunes from Munga Honorable, "Bad from we born", tunes from Mavado and Bounti Killa also received big forwards. Panta gave us a few tunes on the Anger Management rhythm, including Bounti Killa's "me nuh fraid a nuh bwoy" and Mavado's "Gangster for Life". Panta finished his round with a few tunes from Buju, including "Sound ago dead" and "Food suck off" all to big forwards.

1st round went to Black Kat.

Face started the second round by asking Panta " if him think a passa passa him deh a play jiggy jiggy tune". His round consisted of more foundation tunes Including Junior Cat's "me never waan hold di gun" Louie Culture's "Hills and valley" and another Junior Cat "Killing pussy fe fun" Face also played a ARP which received a big forward. Panta started his round with foundation tunes as well. Including Bounti Killa's "Coppershot" and Chuck fender's "Shut you mouth when bad man talking" Panta at one point told Face "you caan kill di war tanker, how much trophy you ever win". Round 2 would go to Killaface.

Now it was time for the tune fe tune. Killaface started out with John Holt's "Soundbwoy go a killaface school" this received a big forward. Killaface during the tune said "me and Black Kat have a date in Jamaica and me ago kill him dung deh". When Panta came back in, he told Killaface" me and you nuh have no date a Jamaica, you too rass lie tonight a di fuss night me know say sound name Killaface" Panta then played a Cocoa Tea " Sound bwoy go home to your mama" To a huge forward. Killaface then played a Freddy Mcgreggor " So many soundbwoy want to see killaface", this receive a big forward. Black Kat then played Ras Shiloh "Out to the grave yard they go" Killaface biggest forward for the night came when he played Third World's "96 degrees in the shade" Black Kat followed up with a Garnet Silk "Black Kat Rules nonstop" also to a big forward. Killaface then played Sugar Minott's "Soundbwoy come inna di dancehall" no forward came for this tune. In fact when Panta came back he told Killaface" dat a nuh Sugar Minott a you friend sing de tune". Panta then played a Barrington Levy "Kill some sound" no big forward for this tune either. Killaface then got a big forward for Junior Marvin's "Soundbwoy don't put your hat where you can't reach it". Panta then played "Soundbwoy don't care fe you at all" . After a vote the crowd voted Killaface the winner.

The dance didn't end there however, Black Kat, Killafce and special guest Vybz Machine from Pittsburgh, started to juggle again. The dancers could not wait as everyone got on the dance floor and did their thing. The dance finally ended at 5:30am

Just want to say thanks to everyone that participated it was truly and enjoyable occasion. Special thanks to Destiny for gracing us with her presence. As most of you know, Destiny has been diagnosed with cancer, but she felt it important enough to come see us here in Detroit. Destiny good luck on your surgery next week.

See you all at Dance or Die 4 next year same time, same place. Pics are up in the gallery


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