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DANCERS "DROP DEAD" AT VIRGO BASH arrived at The Clubhouse at approximately midnight. Inside a capacity crowd of about 150 had already gathered. Entertainment was provided by Little Thunder Sound out of Montreal & Roots Rock out of Detroit. Dancers included, Queen Sheba & Lady Splitz from Montreal, Detroit?s Dancehall Queen ? Selebrity. The Triple XXX ladies out of Chicago Glamour Girls & Empress. The Nocturnal Crew was not present for this event. Rumor has it that they have unofficially retired. Maybe a member of the Noturnal Crew can respond to these allegations. The crowd was predominantly American, however they were far more Jamaicans & Trinidadians than usual. Little Thunder from Montreal was playing when arrived, and for the most part they played quite well. Kept it Jiggy with a few Mavado?s, Munga etc. but never really held a good vibe. Speeches were shallow as were the selections at time.

Lady Splitz and Queen Sheba, both DHQ?s from Montreal never quite lived up to expectations. Both failed to show any real spectacular moves although later on at Rono?s Lady Splitz did do routine involving a chair, more on that later. Roots Rock followed up the juggling with a good combination of tunes. Pt 1 of the Virgo Bash ended at 2am. Now unto PT2.

Rono?s was already packed by the time I arrived approximately 125 people were inside jamming to Infinity?s early juggling. Little Thunder subsequently took over and started out the round very strong. Early tunes from Sizzler, Capleton and Jah Cure did well to keep a good vibe. However, this was short lived. Half way thru their set Little Thunder started to fizzle. Speeches were not connecting and the tune selection was weak. In fact, I was quite surprised to hear only 2 or 3 dubs ffrom Little Thunder. They are one of the most revered sounds in Canada, surely there should have been more dubs played. (In fact near the end of the dance Rudy, from Infinity, grabbed the mic and said, \"anyhow a did me a select tonight it woulda be war inna dis bloodcloth\") Infinity solved the problem of dubs as soon as they came back in. Big dubs including Buju Banton\'s ?Driver? got the hype started again. The dancers for the most part was more energetic at Rono?s. Zoleta our new dancehall sensation did a ?Drop Dead? that I though she may have really died. Lady Splitz did a ?head top? on top of a chair which had the crowd hollering for more. Apparently an American kid, saw that and got on top of his head too. The crowd went wild. Glad he didn?t dutty whine that may have cause some bottle fe fling.

It is important to mention that quite a few people did change outfts from one venue to another. Maria, who donned a very sexy green batty rider shorts at Clubhouse came to Rono?s in a very tight black batty rider shorts. Reggae Gurlz also changed outfits. (probably to save on inflation at the door) just kidding.

All in all it was good dance. We look forward to next year for the 3rd Annual.


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