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Boat Ride Biggest Ever

Boat Ride Biggest Ever

Boy dem damn Trinidadians and Panamanians sure know how to party! Caribbean Cruise 2007 was a blast. The annual event brought to you by Universal Xpression saw for the first time a capacity crowd of 263 people. Just a few people shy of the boat\'s capacity. We all knew this cruise would be delightful. The sun was shining and the air was cool and crisp. Just the right elements for a joyous boat ride.

Boarding began at approximately 6:30 pm and continued \'til 7:20 we finally set sail at around 7:30pm. Most people on board went up stairs on the top deck where it was much cooler, others were scattered between the 2nd and 1st deck. I remained on the 2nd deck next to the food, because I knew from past experience just how long that food line can get. The food was wonderful. On the menu was Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken, Curry Goat, Fish and Rice & Peas. There was also a beautiful assortment of fresh fruits on display. Almost immediately the line to eat started to surge. There was some minor pushing and bumping, but everything was kept in good order. After everyone ate the entertainment started.

WD started it off by playing some good old fashion Calypso & Soca. The large contingent of Trini\'s loved every minute of it. Waving their country\'s flag in the air they stomped, ran, and slid around to the pulsating beat of Soca. There were also many panamanians on the crusie.They too loved every minute of it. There was definitely a lot more women than men aboard, so for a guy like me it was purely heaven. I must have danced with half the ship. The Dj\'s played for almost 1/2 an hour then the main attraction, Universal Xpression took the stage. They started out with a reggae set, which included songs like Beres Hammond\'s \"What one dance can do\" & \"I beleive in miracles you sexy ting\" both sung by lead vocalist, Mellowman. Richard Paris took over lead vocals with some hot \"Xpression\" Soca. With songs like \"Sweet, Sweet T&T\" and \"Nobody wants to see us together\" the crowd grew into a frenzy. At one point everyone started running towards the back of the ship and then changed to the front, if you weren\'t careful you would have been ran over by those rag waving Trinidadian\'s. After Xpression took a small break, Junior from Black Star gave us a good dose of reggae. Big forwards came for Baby Cham and Alecia keys Ghetto Story Remix along with hits from Buju and Bares Hammond. The cruise finally ended around 10:30pm.

Thanks to Universal Xpression for continuining this yearly tradition. I can only warn you if you plan on coming next year buy your tickets early as it will sell out.

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