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Yardie Yankie link-Up - the long awaited dancehall xtravaganza of the year went off with a bang. The over 150 people in attendance got their moneys' worth. Roots Rock with ace selector Jello and Infinity with veteran selector Paul provided the music. Both played exceptionally well. Infinity's mix of hip-hop, soca and reggae was well appreciated. Root's Rock took us all down memory lane with some good old fashion dancehall favourites.

The Glamour Girls were there in full effect. All wearing shorts to show their sexy figures. They couldn't wait to get started with all the new dance routines they learned. As soon as Roots Rock turned on the hype the Glamour Girls got crazy. So too did our reigning King of the Dancehall George Strait. George showed off some of his signature moves in addition to some new moves as well. I was very impressed when he played doctor listening to the heart beat of the Glamour girls as they lay dead. I was most impressed however, when Roots Rock played the "Drop Dead" tune and all the Glamour Girls laid on the floor dead and then simultaneously rolled over and played dead again. But the big surprise of the night was the return of Selebrity. I couldn't believe my eyes when Detroit's Dancehall Queen entered Victory One. I had to take a closer look, because it has been almost a year and a half since we last saw her.

Dressed in all black, as if to kill, and weighing less than she did prior to leaving the dancehall, Selebrity stated where she left off. With her signature splits and moves she had us all in amazement.

Selebrity welcome back to the dancehall. We missed you so much. I hope your baby is doing well and best of luck in your future endeavors.

Just want to say big up to Monique & Cristal, who were well dressed in red white and blue, without you none of this could have happened.

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