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Zuma Revolution Showcase

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2007

Promoters: Zuma Hifi

Music by: Zuma Revolution

Selectas: Mixology Sound with Dj Yo Yo

Venue: Blind Pig, Ann Arbor

Adm.: $10.00 doors open at 9:30pm

RGE entered the Blind Pig around 10:30 to Dj Yo Yo of Mixology Entertaining a crowd of about 20 people on the dance floor. Zuma Revolution is the evolved version of the group Kila Watt we introduced you to back in November 2006. Billy the Kid, the glue that makes everything stick, spoke with us earlier in the week letting us know that this show is to give Detroit and the metropolitan area what they need in a reggae band.

The first act was a young man, by the name of Carlton, who gave us his rendition of the classic gal tune, Admiral Bailey?s Gimme Punnany.

The rendition ran pretty well despite his redness. The audience was overwhelmed with the beautiful rhythm of the bongos and the strong feeling of the horns. Billy was on guitar and Rudy Pooh was on keyboard.

Next, was our very own homeboy, Scorpion of Conquerors Sound Crew.

Screaming Reggae, Music, and Culture, he gave us a lick of his bad man tune, ?Him a Real Sound Bwoy,Dem a Actor.? Once again the horns and the bass carried this tune to the fullest. Scorpion showed his skills as a dancehall dj with his next tune, ?Sexy Woman,You Got My Aattention,? which he dedicated to the ladies. This song was a duet performed with Detroit roots reggae artist, Negus (King in Ethiopian) Arubis. Scorpion and Negus Arubis are set to give Detroit a blast of reggae and dancehall on their mix tape due to debut in Detroit and surrounding cities summer of 2007.

Rusty Deyah was next to grace the stage with his soothing voice and cultural sound. His song had the crowd dancing wildly on his ganja tune, ?Pass it Ova,? which King Jazzy sang back up. Rusty Deyah?s album is being said to come out before this summer. ?New Day, new dawning, start fresh this morning?,? was some of the lyrics from his more laid back tune, ?Royalty Looking for My Princess.? The lyrics as well as the beat generated a lover?s vibe, which made all the women melt. One young lady, dressed in a nice blue jean outfit screamed out, ?I?d be your princess any day!?

Negus Arubis had a very strong stage presents, which hit you like a stone in the chest. You can feel his confidence as an artist when he was performing his tune, ?Dem No Ready, You Betta ready.? Once again, King Jazzy performed back up, and the horns along with the Zuma Revolution were banging. Negus Arubis and Scorpion did a duet called, ?Betta Take it Off,? which was very energetic. Ras KB was next to come to the stage with a mellow flow and skanking vibes.

Performing songs for grown folks and real rasta man tunes. Although his performance was pretty laid back, the lyrics were powerful and thought provoking.

King Jazzy licked the crowd head on with his tune ?Energy? off of the ever popular Dutty Wine riddim. ?Dreaming Keep on Going?, off of the

Stop Rape and Kill, another gal dem riddim, had one lady dressed in pink, with crutches leaning on a pole wining her waist. If that pole was a man he was be in trouble. ?Say you?, got the crowd participation with them screaming Oh oh oh!!! Also, Jazzy blessed the place with a medley of new and old dancehall tunes from his rendition of Junior Gong?s Welcome to Jam Rock to Ramp Pa Pam Pa. ?Maybe One Day? was for the Calyso and Soca lovers in the house. The Harmony of the Danielles gave boost that was need as Zuma Revolution continued with the soca and Jazzy sang on. At one point, Keyboard player Rudy Pooh came from behind the boards and gave the crowd one good piece of wining. Jazzy and the Danielles introduced their step-step dance, as well as the Danielles each showed the crowds their solo talents. One of the Danielles, who favored Alicia Keys, sang her version of, ?You Don?t Know my Name.? Then the other Danielle sang a great version of Erika Badu?s ?Bag Lady? which King Jazzy singing background and Zuma Revolution backed as the band.

This was one night we wished that the reggae dancehall community had check with each other to see what was going on. This showcase would have been a great opportunity for everyone to see what Zuma Revolution had in store. This band was wonderful to say the least. It gave the crowd every genre of Reggae from ska, reggae, calypso, dancehall and soca, very well. RGE was very impressed and feels as if Zuma Revolution could back up any Reggae or Soca artist to grace the stages of Detroit. Check out these artists and more on,, and

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