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One of the biggest reggae shows to hit Detroit finally came. The Higher Meditation and Living Fire Tour featured Fantan Mojan, Chuck Fender, Natural Black (who was unable to make it) and Anthony B.

The show started at around 12 midnight, late by Detroit Standards. Opening acts included Rusty, King Arubis and Scorpian. All were well received. Scorpian has been working hard in the studios putting together his first CD release. He gave the crowd a mixture of culture tunes, girl tunes and even gave special big ups to the "bad man dem" A new and getting ever so popular artist is Rusty. He broke on the Detroit scene during the Sanchez show last year and has been a crowd favourite ever since. Look for him and many other local Detroit artiste to do great things this year.

The main acts kicked off with Fantan Mojah . He gave Detroit more than they bargain for. He delivered a very cultural message with songs like "Hungry" and "Feel the pain" from his upcoming album "Hail the King". Initially he was well received by the crowd getting many forwards for the songs he sang. But he seemed to have went way above his time. In fact the MC for the night had to interupt his performance and told him that the venue has to close at 2am and that Babylon will not allow them to go past that time. That must have went through one ear then the other because Fantan kept on for another 20 minutes. Finally someone in the audience shouted out " come offa di stage and bring the next artist" that got under the skin of Fantan who told the person to SHUT-UP!!! After giving them his big hits he exited the stage.

Chuck Fender was next he kept it short, but nice. He gave us all his hits and even gave us a few songs from his brother, Richie Spice. He received many forwards for his tunes including "Gas dem and light dem" which received the biggest forward.

Anthony B, the headliner for the show, was next. His performance was cut short because of time constraints, but he still gave a magnificent performance. He definitely kept the fire burning with hits like "Fire pon Rome" my favourite and "Nobody want fe plant the corn" "Praise the heart and nah hurt di soul" which all received big forwards so much that he had to pull-up and rewind a few times. After about 40 minutes he had to exit the stage leaving the 300 people or so hungry for more.

All in all it was a good show. Big -up to Rastaman promotion for keeping the fire burning in Detroit.

I was somewhat dissapointed in the turn-out with such a big show I was expecting at least 1000 people. Approximately 300 people showed up. Come on Detroit I know we can do better than that.


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