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Television personality Carlene Smith, formerly known as Carlene the Dancehall Queen, believes that the high intensity media glare on the relationship between dancehall celebrity couple Beenie Man and D?Angel is unhealthy for the long-term survival of their marriage.

Carlene, who is the host of the popular show, ?Our Voices? on CVM television, enjoyed a public relationship with Beenie Man in the 1990s that captivated the Jamaican society. However, the two parted ways several years ago in a high-profile break-up that rocked the dancehall world, but have remained friends through the years, especially since their union bore a daughter, Crystal.

?Beenie Man was, and will remain a part of my life in the future because we have a daughter together, and we still communicate. We?re friends. And I believe that he is genuinely in love because he finds happiness with her. No one would go through such a charade if they weren?t in love. They are married and they have a family, with a baby on the way so I wish them all the best,? she said.

Asked if she was jealous of D?Angel?s relationship with Beenie Man, Carlene laughed and said: ?D?Angel is not in my league.?

?I knew her long ago when she was with Bounty Killer and I was with Beenie Man and we met up at a dance in Montego Bay?she is not in my league. Right now, I am in love with someone else, otherwise I know D?Angel wouldn?t be able to sleep at nights. Remember, it was I who left Beenie Man six years ago, and everyone knows that I took his heart and I never gave it back,? Carlene said, smiling confidently.

For her part, Mrs. Davis dismissed Carlene?s comments as a clear indication that the high-profile marriage had begun to affect her in a negative way.

?The whole world a mad over me and my husband. We a give them heart attack. Who can manage it, just stay alive; who cyaan manage it, drop a sleep and neva wake up,? D?Angel said.

?We are happy and in love, very happy newlyweds. It come een like we married over 10 years the way we are in love, and nothing can stop that. Clearly, she has issues. I have none. Who is Beenie married to if she has his heart? Who him live with?

?You know what, I have no comment where she is concerned. My life is too busy, I have no time for small-minded people?I am trying to focus on the health of our child, Marco Dean,? she said.

D?Angel married Beenie Man in August of this year, and is expecting the couple?s first child this month. However, she did address specific comments made which suggested that their relationship was too public, by intimating that jealousy may have been a motivating factor behind Carlene?s comments.

?My life is in the public eye, we are public figures. Beenie and I are like Hollywood in Jamaica. A no my fault me a star?I don?t regard this big old lady, nobody nuh business ?bout har life, mi nuh have nothing else fi say?I have my fans, my reputation, I have no time for this,? D?Angel closed

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