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Usually I would start out by telling you all about the dance, what happened etc., but instead I wish to begin by telling you a little about my adventures in Brixton, England. I arrived in London on Sat. April 14th. Since it was early in the afternoon I went to Brixton to pick up my tickets for the UK Cup Clash. Brixton to those of you who have never been there is a thriving metropolitan filled with people of many nationalities, most of which are Jamaicans. I was excited when I noticed someone pass me buy drinking a coconut jelly right from the coconut, not that can stuff you find at the Jamaican restaurants.

So on further investigation I found a skyjuice vendor something I have not seen for a very long time. I introduced myself and began to ask him questions about his trade and so on. he explained that he has been selling skyjuice for about 15 years and he is the only "bona fide skyjuice vendor inna di area". His bag juice sells for around 2 Pounds roughly 3.68 US. After a few more pleasantries I took his picture and left. You can hear Jamaicans speaking everywhere you went from those arguing with the fish vendors over pricing or at the restaurants ordering food. I truly enjoyed my experience in Brixton and most definitely will be there next year to visit.

Now to the clash. arrived at the Stratford Rex in Stratford, England at approximatlely 11:30pm. Already there was a long line outside waiting patiently to get in. As I approached the entrance where you would be searched and tickets taken. I noticed a sign that said no Cameras allowed. As a reporter I had my camera plus my press Id. I figured I would just let me know that I'm with and everything would be ok. Not so. I was told that they had all the official press they needed and that basically if you are not from BBC or CNN "F**k you". I was upset, I tried to plead my case but it was to no avail. I surely wasn't going to let that kill my vibes however, so I returned to my hotel room left my camera and came back to the dance.

At 1pm Tony Matterhorn, who was the host, took the stage. Matterhorn was by far one of the fairest host I ever seen. He kept the dance organized, and kept everyone on time while keeping everyone laughing with his quick one liners.

The clash featured Black Kat, King Addies, Mighty Crown, Immortal, Luv Injection, Sound Trooper & Bassodyssey. The first round was the no elimination round. Everyone had a chnace to play with no fear of elimination. Black Kat did well so too did Mighty Crown and Bassodyssey. All the other sounds failed miserably. Panter from Black Kat was all dressed up in full military regala, with a hat with five stars across the front - hence the five star general. Immortal tried their best with some old Bounty's on the slim ting but they failed to connect with the crowd. The second round was much more entertaining with sounds knowing that if they did not perform they would be eliminated. King Addies and Sound Trooper was the first casualities. King Addies was the most dissapointing sound of the clash they played absolutely nothing worth mentioning. Even Mighty Crown 's Master Simon came on after and said how dissapointed he was in king Addies. He had so much repect for the sound but Baby face is playing like shit. In fact Simon told Bayface "welcome back to the sound clash arena and goodbye". I was even brought into the clash because while Addie's was playing I raised the Japanese flag which I had brought along. Babyface noticed that and told me " pussyhole you a raise flag" I laugh so hard it hurt. Round 3 saw the elmination of luv injection who by that time did nothing to inspire the dance. The 4th round saw the elimination of Immortal who just barely lost to Black Kat. The fith round was the 45 round between Black Kat, Mighty Crown & Bassodyssey.

Black Kat failed miserably. He was eliminated. Might Crown built back the vibes with some original ganja man tune and some Bob Marley's including "tired fe see me face' which received a big forward. However, it was Bassodyssey's " Sammy plant piece a corn dung a gulley... Sammy dead, Sammy dead ohoh" aimed at Sammy T from Mighty Crown which received the biggest forward.

Now it was time for the tune fi tune. Everyone around me started to speculate if Mighty Crown could finish. I have seen at least 3 world clashes where Mighty Crown led the dance all thru only to loose in the tune fi tune. This dance would be no exception. Out of 10 tunes played each Mighty Crown did not take one round Basodyssey won all 6 to take the UK Cup.

DJ Mark from Bassodyssey thanked the crowd for their support and ask that we all remember Squingy who had previously broke his shoulder, hand and ankel when he fell off some scaffolding.

Squingy we here at which you a speedy recovery.


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