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For the Love of Vybz!!!

For the Love of Vybz!!!

5th Annual Pre-Valentine?s Day Celebration

Date: Saturday, February 10, 2007

Promoters: Vibez Promotion

Special Guest Djs: Vybzmachine

Selectas: Roots Rock

Venue: Club House Tavern (Inside the Fisher Bldg.)

Love is in the air??Love is everywhere??Oh so much love was shown for Vibez Promotions this past weekend for the Pre-Valentine?s Day Celebration. The most favorable and anticipated holiday event had over 250 people crammed packed in the Club House. The past four Valentine?s Day events was an evening where one could grab their hunny, get fresh to def in a fly ass suit for the men, and the ladies in their sharpest of gear, and go for the gusto to win those terrific prizes. Previous prizes included a romantic dinner for two, DVD players, and 20? televisions. Not very many people were dressed to impress this year. Casual wear, jeans and t-shirts took place of the usual suits and dresses.

RGE arrived around 1:00 a.m. and was pleased to see Vybzmachine, the sound of choice for this occasion, had the vibes in full swing. This Pittsburgh based sound has a special voice that understands the ladies and gives what the ?ooman dem want?. With their Hottie Hottie CD series on bump in our stereos everyday, we were totally anticipating the kind of deliverance ace selectas King Bless and King Fudge, aka Fudgie Springer, bka the Ooman?s Selecta, was going to bring.

Vybzmachine along with the dance crews brought more of a hardcore dancehall feel to the Clubhouse. The dance floor was packed the entire time, except for a brief moment when some culture tunes were played. All the Detroit Dance crews were in the house, noticeably except for the Hotta Flexx crew, who were special invited guests. Pepper, formally known as Mysterious, along with the Nocturnal crew was front and center capturing the men dem attention. Pittsburg ladies were also representing and holding their own. Not to be outdone, a mystery lady, sporting a shiny red top, climbed on the speakers, jumped off and landed into the hoola-hoop almost splitting her form-fitting pants. Roots Rock tagged in and started to play. The dance floor was so crowded that when Hypocrites Ah Talk came on, before you know it the Nocturnal crew was bungsting Blackberry, an up and coming dancer, and her friend the mystery lady, who was in the middle of trying to bust a wine, and they proceeded to bungst them back. At one point it seemed like the Nocturnal and the two dancers were engaging in a little dance battle, which ended with one of the Nocturnal stomping on mystery lady?s foot.

To everyone?s surprise, Lady Poochie, of the TripleX Entertainment Ladies, Chicago?s elite dance group, along with Lady Kilo and Lady VIP was in the house. Wearing matching black suits with the Lion Judah on the back and thigh-high red leather boots, they were welcomed onto the dance floor and brought some flavor with the Hot Wuk and Hoola Hoop. Toledo dancehall queen, Diamond arrived shortly after. She amazed the crowd as she took a chair and went on her head-top showing how she became dancehall queen. George Straight entered into the dancing madness once the bad man tunes ran, and eventually had everyone dancing in sync, following his lead. Lady Poochie and Kilo joined him in demonstrating the Killa Swing. Spectators had to move out the way when King Bless took his woman?s legs, wrapped them around his waist and began to spin around, dreads swinging, elevating her, looking like a helicopter.

The evening came to an end close to 3:00 a.m. There was so much action and everyone was having such a good time that no one noticed that none of prizes had been given away. Roots Rock sends their apologies as they had many prizes to give including a 6 mega-pixel digital camera. They did, however manage to pass out free copies of their CD, Stamina, and award one set of Piston tickets. The tickets were to go to any lady who could show she was wearing pink panties. Blackberry, sporting hot pink, was a little hesitant, but finally went up to the dj booth and pulled out a little taste of her underwear in hopes of winning. All of a sudden, the youngest of the Nocturnal crew ran up, placed her hand in her top, yanked out and displayed one of her breasts to King Bless in turn for the tickets. King Bless kindly told the young lady, ?Dat no pink panty!!!!? Blackberry then boldly turned around and pulled her jeans down to show her pink panties with the JAMAICA printed on the back. King Bless astonished by what he saw deemed Blackberry the winner of the tickets, forcing the other young lady to place her breast back in her top and walk away.

This party will surely set the trend for the rest o f the year. As Detroit strives to strengthen our presence with bigger and better events, great music, djing, and action-packed dancing. Big ups to Roots Rock for holding another successful Valentine's Day Bash and also to Vybzmachine whom we will see soon in Pittsburgh.

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