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It was 12am when arrived inside Dirty's Lounge in Windsor. Just under 200 people had gathered to see and hear one of dancehalls most prolific DJ's, Baby Cham. Infinity, Detroit's champion Dj's were at the controls keeping the early vibes. Ace selector Paul and newly acquired DJ Rudy Mack were at the controls. Infinity played a good mix of dancehall, culture & roots. Rudy's debut as a selector on Infinity was impressive, lots of well timed speeches and flawless mixing.

By 1am, however, people started getting restless as Baby Cham had not yet performed. Fuji, the promoter for the event came on stage and assured everyone that Baby Cham was here and that he would never have a fraud promotion. As it turned out the delay was caused in part by Baby Cham's driver getting lost and in the process making an illegal left turn which caught the attention of the Windsor Police. This delay lasted for over an hour. So you can thank the Windsor police for their hospitality.

During this time the crowd was being entertained by local acts from Detroit. Culture Homie, one of our finest blessed the stage and belted out some truly wonderful tunes including my fovourite "Little Brown Eyes". Axe better known as "Shabba" was next. How he crossed the border, I have no idea, neither do I want to know. He gave a more hardcore performance, nuff gunman lyrics. Scorpion was next, and by his performance you can tell he's been spending a lot of time in the studio. Lots of harcore lyrics. Next was me, stage name "Moneyles" I did my Kobe Bryant tune, which was based on Kobe's arrest for rape. After another brief intermission, Baby Cham came on stage.

Cham immediately apologized for his delay and explained that the police had him detained over some stupid ticket. He then got one of his biggest forwards of the night when he sang "Hey you Babylon Bwoy". He gave Windsor everything and more. Hits after hits incuding some of his biggest on the Showtime and Joy Ride rhythms. Every song was a huge forward. I especially enjoyed the rudeboy anthems, songs like " Bwoy a act like Selena".

Cham is definitely a ladies man, the girls couldn't stop from holding his hand and trying to touch him. In fact, Cham went into detail in explaining what it takes to make love to a woman. He said, first you should have her take a bath and then dry her off with a towel, you should take a bath too. Then you dip your fingers in olive oil and gently rub your fingers together to get the oil warm. Don't splash the oil on her because the oil maybe cold. Then you lay her on the bed and massage her back and her batty, then you turn her over and take your left index finger and flick the left nipple then do the same with the other nipple. Next gently insert your hood inside the vagina, don't go too deep, because the 1st inch inside the vagina is where most of the stimulation occurs. You can just imagine how the girls reacted, one girl told me that her panties are soaking wet!! Well, she never actually said that, but I could tell they were. He then did "Vitamin S" to a big forward. Cham also gave us a couple new tunes from his new album which by all acoord should shoot straight to the top of the charts.

The night couldn't end without Cham doing his #1 and probably biggest hit to date, "Ghetto Story". Cham must have received at least 5 forwards for this tune. Cham expalined that Ghetto Story had reached #12 on the Rolling Stones Magazine top 100 and was a big favourite on BET..

Baby Cham more than made up for the delay. He gave a high energy performace that left everyone crying for more. Big up Baby Cham for a great performance continued success for the future. Want to also big up Fuji1 Promotions for bringing high calibre performances to the community.

leslie, detroitreggae

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