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For the first time in Detroit\'s reggae history Newyear\'s Eve saw two of the industry\'s biggest sound sytems. In Windsor, Tony Matterhorn & Detroit, Killaface Sound. I arrived at Trenchtown at approximately 12:30am. Inside only 20 or so people had gathered. Killaface, however, was playing as if there were 300. Nothing but hardcore dubs, absolutely no 45\'s. My intention was to stay for a quick minute then head to Windsor, but from the vibes I ended staying for over 2hrs. Killaface didn\'t let the small crowd deflate his vibes, he was giving it to all that were there. I heard dubs from Shabba, Buju, Sanchez and one of the wickedest dubs I have heard in a long time Foxy Brown\'s \"Sorry forgive me that\'s all a sound boy could say\". I reluctantly left sometime after 2am. The dance would get better later on when most of the dissapointed Matterhorn fans stopped in.

I arrived inside Dirty\'s Lounge at approximately 2:30am. They were two floors of entertainment on the main floor was hiphop & R&B and the third floor was set-up for reggae. Of course I went immediately to the top floor. To my surprise they were only 40 or so people dancing around. I looked to see who was playing and to my surprise it was Infinity. The first thing I said was \"where is Matterhorn\" had he not come, or had he already left. To my surprise, I was informed that Matterhorn apparently came on at or around 12:30 and was gone by 2am. 1 and a half hours thats it! I then started to ask others that did see him play what happened. According to those I spoke to Matterhorn was very dissapointing. He truly wasn\'t the Matterhorn at Passa passa or Hot Mondays, this was the watered down Matterhorn. No big speeches, in fact no big tunes. He started his round with some hiphop and Soca playing a few dubs on the soca rhythm including Assassin\'s \"Idiot Ting Dat\" he then went from there into the jiigy jiggy segment. A few dance crews got the dance floor hype including our very own Hotta Flexx Crew & The Nocturnal Crew. There were also a new crew that did a wonderful rendition of the Dutty whine, not sure where they were from I speculate possibly Toronto or London. Matterhorn did play his big hit \"dutty Whine on dub along with \"goodas fi dem\" on dub. but other than that Matterhorn was cleraly in the \"get the money and run\" mode.

it seems that some people can\'t handle fame and Matterhorn is one of them. Instead of giving the people what they came to see, Matterhorn instead decided that his name was enough so whatever I do people will enjoy it.

Well, Matterhorn you are wrong! You owe it to your fans to give your every performance a 100%

Hopefully in the future you will realize that your fans mean more than dollars in your pocket.

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