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John Promotion & Barney from Stonelove held a pre Christmas bash featuring, Mighty Crown, The Far East Rulerz. It was almost 1:30am when I arrived inside the Taste Club on Chicago\'s South side. Inside a little over 350 people had assembled to hear our friends from Japan.

It\'s always nice coming to Chicago because of all the friends I have there. Big up to the Haitian Rudeboy for all the Moet, Swacky from Class One Sound, KillaFace was in the house, along with VIP, Montana from, The Lady Shottas, Candie and Junior P from Matrix.

Early juggling was provided by Matrix & Class one who both did a great job in keeping everyone entertained with a good mix of culture and old dancehall tunes. Sammy T & Ninja took the controls at approximately 1:45am and from the way they started out I knew it was going to be a night of big dubs. Sammy took control of the mic while Ninja mixed the tunes. The first tuned played was an old dancehall anthem, \"How I lift up my hands to the father\" by Sanchez, followed by another Sanchez, \"killing a soundboy again\", Buju\'s \"Murderer\" followed on the same rhythm. Crown followed with some old fashion 45\'s with tunes like \"No lazy Body\" by Echo Minnot and Eric Dunkley\'s \"Where can I Find...\'\" followed by another dub, Sizzla\'s \"Mighty Crown have to be strong.\" For the most part, they received nice forwards, but you could tell that the crazy hype dancing was what everyone was waiting for.

By this time Ninja took control of the mic. He started the jiggy segment with a dub by Elephant Man \"Over di wall\" followed by a dub from Dr. Evil. Then Mavado\'s \"Real Macoy\" The dance erupted after this tune. Candie who had been mostly quiet went crazy. She was sexily dressed in tall black boots, pumpum shorts and a lace black top. Between her and the Lady Shottas they took control of the dancefloor. Candie, is by all means the queen of the dancehall. At one point she got on on top of a speaker box and got on top of her head and split her legs, well you can imagine the scenery. She started to dutty whine and the whole place erupted. Ninja had to stop the music and said, \"Candie me caan concentrate back yah nuh more, you a confuse me.\" They were others that were trying to Dutty Whine, but they were no match for Candie. In fact one girl, in red, did so poorly that Ninja told her to go home and practice before she go pon video light.

Crown finally slowed it down by giving the rudeboy\'s a dose of hardcore Crown juggling. Mighty Crown started out with Baby Cham\'s \"Ghetto Story\" on dub followed by a dub by Junior Gong, followed by \"Gangster for life\" by Mavado, Sizzler\'s \"Naw Rape\" came right after. Crown then played some of the all time great 45\'s - Gangster by Louie Culture, Super Cat\'s \"Vineyard\" Shabba Ranks \"Oil up all a di gun dem\" and again my all time favourite Bounti Killa\'s \" Lodge\".

All in all it was a wonderful event full of hype. The dance crews in Chicago are off the chain, full of mad energy. I was dissapointed, however, when members of the male dance crews were pushing the girls out of the way to get in front of the video light. Apparently Ninja was dissapointed as well because he politely told the men \"fi stop push di gal dem outta di way, you nuh see a woman run tings\"

The dance ended somewhat abruptly at 4am, leaving many dissapointed. Unlike Detroit, Crown did play more hardcore dubs, but still not enough for me. I guess I\'m just a die hard dub specialist.


PS pics are in the photo gallery

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