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GEORGE STRAIGHT TURNS 50!! arrived at Victory One Social Club at approximately 1am. Inside an early crowd of about 20 to 30 people were already assembled grooving to the early warm of Infinity Sound with ace selector Kirk at the control. Roots Rock Sound took the controls at approximately 1:45am. Ace selector Jello, immediately raised the tempo with some well placed culture tunes, including hits from Chuck Fender, Richie Spice, Fanton Mojan & The Prophet, Capleton. Roots Rock drawed his first dub of the night, Junior Gong\'s \"Soundboy Balling Out\" He received a big forward for this tune, he then played a Bascom X on the same ryhthm, \"AK\" and even played a Busy Signal \"Not Going Down\". Jello, took time during his round to introduce the man of the night, \"George Straight\". George, who was busy tending the bar (obviously keeping a close eye on the money) came forward took the mic, and thanked everyone for coming out and asked that everyone have a good time. He, said that he had a new dance call the \"Bad Man Stance\" and that he would buss the dance later on, so everyone stay tuned. By this time a capacity crowd of over 150 people had packed inside Victory One. The Newest dancehall craze in detroit The Nocturnal Crew, was in full effect dressed in matching outfits they came to put on a show. Diamond, Toledo\'s Dancehall Queen had also just arrived, and she too was ready to get jiggy.

The 30 somtin\' crew was also well represented along with RGE. However, although they were advertised on the flyer the Hotta Flexx Crew was not at the dance. Not sure why they weren\'t there, maybe a member of Hotta Flexx can address that on the message board. The rudeboy\'s were also well represented. The Rono\'s Crew was there, including Lazzie in a him Bush Jacket and Jeans look like me nuh know wah. Big up Fuji One and all the Canada massive. Courtney and his hype squad was also there to help keep the vibes.

Jello ended his round with the newer more hype tunes. George Straight was called out and he went directly into his new dance and by the response of the crowd the dance \"Sell Off\" Bad Man Stance is sure to catch on. Infinity came on after and the big Man, \"Paul\" changed the pace by giving some of the longtime veterans of the dancehall a dose of old school including, some old Buju\'s along with some Capleton\'s and a host of others. Monique from the 30 somtin\' Crew was having a ball, she even told me that the way Infinity was playing is even better than sex. Ok, she didn\'t quite say that, but you get message. Infinity followed up Root\'s dub arsenal by playing a few well placed dubs of his own, including Baby Cham\'s \"Ghetto Story\" which received a big forward, he also played an Assassin and Sizzla\'s \"Well you can\'t stop Infinity Sound\". As an original dancehall rudeboy, I was especially glad to here Bounty Killa\'s \"Fe me gun nuh join lodge\" Big forward from the rudeboy\'s.

During the Jiggy segment, the Nocturnal crew got on the floor and did the hottest Dutty Whine routine I have ever seen. In fact when Diamond, tried to Dutty Whine she found she was no match for the girls.

The dance ended around 4:30am with everyone exhausted from a night filled with excitement. Other than Scrappy\'s repeated insistence on talking on the mic, big up everyone and much more, it was a nice event. Big up George Straight, keep you head up and gwaan hold the peace.

PS, just want to big up the Nocturnal Crew for bringing a new vibe to the dancehall, you girls are doing a wonderful. Hope to see you all at Dance or Die 3 in October.

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