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Stonelove: 80?s ? 90?s Dance

Stonelove: 80?s ? 90?s Dance

Date: Friday, December 1, 2006

Venue: Victory One Social Club

Promoter: New World

Sounds: King Harmony, and Ferenzic Sound-Early Juggling

Main Event: Rory of Stonelove

Adm.: $15, $10 before 12

One would think all of the ?old heads? would have shown up for the 80?s ? 90?s dance featuring the legendary Rory of the Immortal Stonelove. While a few were in the house, the younger fans turned out to show their appreciation for our not too distant history. This dance proved to be the new generations dance, pushing out the Ole? Foot Crew, the Mud Up Crews and pulling in the new crews like the Nocturnal Crew; young, fresh, and green. All while leaving crews like the Hotta Flexx and Rono?s crew, and ourselves included, to name a few, just plain stuck in the middle.

Although the theme was to dress in attire reminiscent of the past 25 years or so, the majority chose to focus their outfits on the 80?s. Ladies wore off the shoulder sweaters, wide belts, leg warmers, bamboo earrings, and a wrist full of bracelets and bangles. While the guys, as usual, didn?t attempt to dress in at least an Adidas jogging suit with Forums (sneakers) to match and a sweatband to complete the ensemble.

Through nuff research and since RGE missed the early juggling. It was rumored that there was a little discomfort in the crowd when Ferenzic came on the mic. From what we were told, the music was on point with all of the latest music, but head Selector Rudy Mack started to scream and jump around as if he was re-enacting the 45 Shoot Out that took place last summer. According to different sources, this was very displeasing to the crowd, and everyone couldn?t wait for Rory to come and play.

When Reggae Gurlz Entertainment arrived, Rory was playing some chunes that brought back great memories: nuff Beenie Man and Bounty off the Pepperseed riddem. Gal haffi ball and scream and moan when bring out di ole Tiger Balm and other 90?s chunes that made us head straight to the floor and buss few bubble and whining. Promoter Leslie even abandoned the bar fi ask Selecta Rory fi pull up di chune. One thing was noticed; the young fresh and green crews were also clueless as how to dance off of this type of music. It was damn near a stand still for them, which is really too bad because as the saying goes, ?We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today.? The same holds true for dancing!

As the night progressed, Rory slowly, but sure as hell, brought it up to the times. This is when the real party started. George Straight only came forward a few times to bust a couple moves. Diamond, a dancehall queen from Toledo, Ohio, took to the floor as the crowd circled around her. As Rory began to play the Dutty Whine, the new generation stepped in with much energy and head-swinging. Junior Reggae Gurlz was in the mother fucking house doing the damn thing with four-time recipient Ms. Jr. Jamaica/Carival leading the pack.

Around 4:30 am the lights abruptly came on and the music sadly came to an end. The crowd was so angry because the vibes was so nice and sweet and still building! Can?t tell if it was due to Stonelove and Rory, or the new generation showing their asses, or maybe it was the crowd being nuff why the dance was so nice, but it was a tear in the heart of the patrons when the night ended.

To remind all of the young and ole gal dem, get fit because coming in April, for the first time ever in Detroit, The First Annual Detroit Dancehall Queen competition! Stay tuned for more details.

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