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MIGHTY CROWN GIVE IT TO THE GIRLS, BUT RUDEBOY'S... arrived at Dirty\'s Lounge in Windsor at approximatey 1am. Adm. for the dance was $10.00. Infinity started the night with a good mix of oldies, hiphop and foundation tunes. This was the proper mix to get the crowd ready for the Far East Ruler\'s, Mighty Crown. Mighty Crown took the stage at approximately 12:15am. They started out with a nice medley of Bob Marley and some older classical tunes. Since the early crowd was more into r&B t& hiphop they played a few selections of hiphop & R&B tunes. Mighty Crown surprised many by playing Young Joc & Mavado in combination on dub plate, followed by R&B singer \"Neo\" also on special. By 1am the dance was in full swing. I was pleasantly surprised by the large contingent of Detroit people in attendance. Big-up the Reggaegirlz, The Hottaflex Crew, Alexis, Lazie and the crew, Cfranks from the 30 Someting Crew and the King Harmony Sound Crew. They were even a nice contigent of Japanese girls, trust me, dem hot like fire!!! Crown got the dance in full swing with Tony Matterhorn's Dutty Whine. Fuji, the promoter of the dance, offered $50.00 to any girl than can Dutty Whine the best. Kitty, from the Hotta Flex Crew, protested stating "Dutty Whine a old dance dat a HOT FUCK a Dweet\". Crown Selector \"Ninja\" agreed and a Hot Fuck Contest begun. It was one by a female who in my opinion was new to the dancehall scene. She won $100.00 . Crown then went onto the anger management rhythm highlighted by Mavado\'s \"Gangster for life\" which received a big forward. Crown then gave us Baby Cham\'s Ghetto Story on dub plate which also received a big forward. At one point of the dance, Crown played \"a nuh belly rub a dub\" by lady saw and Spragga Benz, One guy got behind Kitty and was imitating giving her a back shot, but he was doing to NICE!!!. Crown Selector, Ninja pulled up the tune and said, \" a wah kinda a sweet whine you a gi di gal bend ar over and give ar some rass fuck\" everyone busted out in laughter.

Crown then briefly hit on some old rudeboy favourites, incuding \"Gangster\" by Louie Culture and my personal favourite, Bounty Killa\'s \"Lodge\". like most of the rudeboy\'s in the dance we were hoping that this would be the start of a good segment of hardcore dubs, the one\'s Crown are famous for. But we were all dissapointed. Crown definitely neglected the rudeboy\'s, they were no significant amount of hardcore dubs being played. Mighty Crown surely must understand that it is the clash that made them. Surely thay can juggle, but we all wanted to hear more hardcore dubs. I speak for many when I say that Might Crown truly dissapointed their fans by their failure to play many of the dubs that made them famous.

Nonetheless it was a good dance. Crown played \'til about 3:00am when Infinity took over. Infinitye left the crowd with warm vibes by leaving us l with tunes from Fanton Mojah, Richie Spice & Warrior King.

Big up to Fuji1 promotions for keeping the vibes alive.

Don\'t forget Tony Matterhorn on New Year\'s Eve.

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