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Metro Media & Skyjuice

Metro Media & Skyjuice

Metro Media & Skyjuice

Date: Friday, October 13, 2006

Venue: Dirty Lounge, Windsor, ONT

Promoter: Fuji One Promotions

Sounds: Nemesis and Roots Rock

Adm.: $10

Fuji One Promotions brought back to Windsor one of Jamaica?s top-ranking sounds Metro Media with front man Big Belly Skyjuice. This veteran sound has been around since the 1980?s and still leading the way for up and coming sounds systems today. The last time Metro Media was in the area was over a decade when Commando Force Sound was the host of a Detroit Christmas dance.

With only three patrons, the promoter, and a bar maid; Metro Media played that Christmas night like it was for a overly packed house, with SkyJuice leaving a lasting impressing on one 16 year old dancehall fan that would last for years to come. He gained a fan that night.

The evening began with some early juggling by Nemesis Sound. Silver from Metro Media took over about 1:30 am. Shortly after, Skyjuice graced the platform stage sporting a black and red jogging suit. He became a little irritated with the venue when he asked for some light on the dark stage, and all he was given was one strobe light. The audience circled the platform to watch the big belly man dance and perform to the music. It wasn?t long before he took off his shirt, as expected, exposing his humungous gut.

Metro Media went ole? skool and played tunes like Modern Girl, No Lazy Body, Vineyard Style, and Jr. Reid?s One Blood. Everybody went in a frenzy as each song was played. Some of the guys got carried away and jumped and stomped on the little platform holding up Skyjuice like they wanted to break it down.

Even though this made the crowd more hype, they had to stop when security came and put an end to it.

Not allowing his size to be a hindrance, Skyjuice proved that he could do any dance, and even did the spits at one point. To include the females in the show, he called for a Dutty Wine contest on the spur of the moment. He asked that three girls step up to compete. Two friends, one sporting a leotard and the other an 80?s style mini skirt, both in black and red, immediately jumped onto the stage. Skyjuice called for a third person, and when no one else volunteered, the duo convinced their other friend to join them. Once Matterhorn?s Dutty Wine began to play, all three girls spun their heads in synchronization. The dance itself was not accomplished, but the effort was given. The contest almost looked like a choreographed routine, not impressing any onlookers, until the leotard clad contestant went on her head. This brought a loud cheer of approval from the crowd and brought the contest to an end. The Flashdance look-a-like won hands down and was awarded some cash from Skyjuice. Once the money was seen, other ladies in the crowd talked trash about the nationalities of the contestants, made obvious by the way the dance was performed. These same hecklers must have been too scared or intimidated, because they still refused to go on stage to demonstrate what they thought was the correct way to do the Dutty Wine.

Fugi One Promotions has been serving downtown Windsor and Detroit patrons with dancehall reggae for over a decade. Events were usually held at the well-known Caribbean Centre near Downtown Windsor. Fugi has now upscaled his promotions and moved to a neo-style club called the Dirty Lounge. This venue has two floors of fun with a lounge atmosphere equipped with couches and black lights; the ideal spot for a live dancehall crowd, dark but comfortable and in the downtown area where all cultures can come and experience some good dancehall/reggae music. The Dirty Lounge will be the place for future Fugi One events and he is very excited about the response given to the new venue.

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