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Catch a Soca Fire

Catch a Soca Fire

Soca Steel Jam

October 19, 2006

Venue: Steel Night Club & Lounge, Detroit, MI

Promotor: Kay Promotions

Sound: Mixology with Selecta Yo Yo

Tickets: $5 in advance $10 @ the door

Wave ya hands up in di air!!! Wave ya flag up in di air!!! Jump up Jump up!!! Bwoy, finally, a purely Soca event hosted in Detroit! It?s very rare.

Most events have ?soca segments? where a few dated soca tunes are played.

Nobody ever gets tired of the Dollar Wine, Winey Winey, Hot Hot Hot, and Who Let the Dogs Out. Even the so-called soca bands play half reggae and dancehall during their shows.

With only 2 weeks of promotion, a nice turn out in Detroit would be a miracle. RGE walked in Steel nightclub around 10:45 PM to hear Mixology spinning 90?s Reggae music to a pitifully sparse crowd. The music and the lay out of the venue created a surprisingly nice vibe. Steel Nightclub is set up like a sultry smoke lounge, but without the smoke in one section.

Along the bar were patrons watching the Tigers game on the television.

Around midnight, some new and some familiar faces came through the door including Fugi1 Promotions, and Strictly Roots Movement along with Killa. It seems as if Mixology knew exactly when some people from Trinidad had showed up, because as soon as they stepped in the building, the dancehall was put away, and the soca broke loose. A small group, behaving like a massive mob, jumped onto the dance floor sparking the fire that would have ignited a fire to keep the place burning the rest of the night if only there were more soca lovers in the house.

The next Soca Jam will surely catch a fire when word catches on.

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