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BASSODYSSEY KILLS BLACK KAT TO TAKE WORLD CLASH TROPHY arrived at World Clash 2k6 at approximately 12:30am. Outside The Elite Ark in Brooklyn, were 100's of die hard dancehall fans lined up waiting for their chance to witness dancehall's premier entertainment event. Inside they were almost 2000 people jamming and grooving to the early juggling of one of NewYork's finest. The clash started at approximately 1:30am, due in part to the late arrival of Sound Trooper. Panter from Black Cat would later use Trooper's late arrival to make one of the biggest speeches of the night , more on that later.

The host for the night was Bobby Konders from Steelie Bashment. Black Cat was first, and Panter aka the 5 star general, aka Warlord, aka the War Tanker was first to start the war. His round was great. Panter gave us some new tunes from Mavado and Bounty Killa on the Anger Management rhythm along with a few Jah Cure's. He introduced for the first time his selector, "Stevie" who was handicapped from only having one hand, the other being cut off at the elbows. Panter exclaimed, that Stevie "left the other piece ah him hand inna Trooper gal pussy" this speech drew a big forward and a round of laughter. Another great speech by Panter involved what panter said was Trooper's use of Obeah, stating that "Trooper you reach a di dance late because you deh a di hotel a lime and green bush. This drew even more laughter. Bassodyssey was next, and by the way the "Bass" started out you could tell they were the sound to beat. Worm, gave us a few of Bassodyssey's anthemms including a few well placed Bounty Killa's and even a new Beenie Man, which started out by calling Ricky Trooper a batty man, this drew a big forward. Bassodyssey even prempted Black Cat's forward by playing Black Cat's biggest anthem "In the name" by Chronicle. This however, didn't get the forward Bassodyssey was hoping for, as some people even booed knowing that "In the name" belonged to Black Cat. Black Reaction was next and the sound from Canada surprised us all with some of the biggest tunes of the night the biggest of which was new tune from Jah Cure. "Blacks" assured NewYork that he is aware that he has no name among the big veteran sounds, but by the end of the night they would all know Black Reation. Ricky 'Serial Killer" Trooper was next next he came out blazing with new tunes from Sizzler, Jah Cure and even from Bounty Killa. Trooper's intent for the night was to quickly get rid of Sentinel because he never stopped talking about killing "dem bwoy deh from Germany". Sentinel was the last to play. They had great first round, climaxed by their biggest tune "Sentinel Story" . This would prove to be their only great round as Sentinel the World Clash Champion from 2k5 was the first to be eliminated.

The second round was saw the elimination of Sentinel and by all accounts that round went to Bassodyssey with Black Reaction coming a close second.

The third round saw the elimination of Ricky Trooper ended what was really a mediocre performance by Ricky Trooper. During his round Trooper kept reminding us of how great he was and how long he's been killing sound. Panter, during his round reminded trooper that " alie him a tell di people dem bout say Trooper a 30 years old, Trooper you a 46 every year you a keep b/day bash you a thirty". Panter went further by adding that him and Trooper go a school di same time and that "if Trooper a student Panter a di bloodcloth Principal."

Black Reaction was blazing in the 3rd round starting with a big dub from Gregory Issacs, which drew a massive forward, probably the biggest forward the night. They also surprised us all by going back to the Biltmore days, giving us some old Bounty's from the past all receiving big forwards. In fact throughout the night Bounty was once again the domonant Dj as well over 30 Bounty Killa's must have been played throughout the night.

Black Reaction was eliminated in the 4th round partly because they insisted on going back to the Biltmore day. They went back on the "Sick Rhythm" with a barage of more Bounty's, Cobra's etc. the crowd by this time had grew tired of thos Biltmore tunesand in my opinion had Black Reation went more foundation they could have easily won that round, if not for World Clash itself.

Well it came down to Black Cat & Bassodyssey in the final tune for tune round. By all respects the entire round went to Bassodyssey. Black cat did not even win one tune. Even when Black cat played their Garnet Silk and got a big forward, the Bass came back with even a bigger Garnet Silk and killed his Garnet Silk. Bassodysey didn't even hacve to reach for the 2 biggest tunes in their box, Jimmy Cliff's "harder they Come". Which they eventually played at the end at the request of the fans.

Congratulations to bassodyssey for winning World Clash 2k6.

Irish & Chin did announce howevr, that next year would be the last of World Clash, no details as to why was given.

See pics in our Photo Gallery.

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