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The Dancehall Diva Cecile paid Detroit a visit for The International Caribbean Festival. This was her first visit to Detroit (as Cecile recalls) and was shocked by how cold it was in the Motor City. Ending the entertainment for the Friday night?s Ms. Carival pageant, Cecile ripped it up for a good fifteen minutes giving us a little sample of her new single Goody off of the new but old Wipe Out Riddim. It?s totally HOT. Can?t wait to see what dance they come up with for this one, hoping not the swim. That would not be original. Cecile also did a little hardcore a cappella djing, which had me and a lot of the ladies jump up and rail. You know talking about what most women want, but are scared to say it, men with money and men who can handle di wuk.

RGE stepped into the official after party at the Club House Tavern around 1 am to see if we could catch up with Cecile. Roots Rock and Black Star was holding it down with some hustle music. I know. I know what in the hell!!! But the crowd was digging it and so was I. I caught myself doing the ballroom hustle with a lot of other people as well. You know you must mix it up a likkle, but as soon as the Dancehall Diva appeared the reggae licked like boom!!!

We sat down with Cecile in the VIP section and welcomed her to the D before getting to the actual business part of this job. She shared that she?s touring and promoting her soon to come first album, reaching everyone in 2007. We were in total shock to know that this was her first album. She also shared some of the exciting moments about her touring experience; she told RGE that she loves the experience, every stop made, and learning interesting stuff about the places that she?s been; even if it?s the same place she just loves the touring experience. ?I?ve done Europe a lot of times and my fans are great there, but I would love to tour Japan.?

When asked what it would take for Reggae to get the same respect in the USA as in other countries she explained, ?Reggae artists need to basically get the business portion of the music industry structured properly to become successful. Reggaeton Music is universal and not owned by anyone. Reggaeton has their business locked.?

The challenges she?s endured as a female dancehall artist have been plentiful. ?[People] don?t know the actual stress. You can have a big ass bad wicked tune and because it?s such a male or testosterone driven scene, you don?t get as much play as the men and you?re not shown the same amount of respect as the men.

Cecile has worked with Beenie Man, Shaggy, Lady Saw, Sean Paul, but would really love to do something with Legendary 90?s sensation Mr. Lover Man himself, Shabba Ranks. When asked what deceased Reggae artist she would have love to do a collaboration with, she stated, ?My mother played Peter Tosh all the time and I really like his voice ~~~~singing~~~~I never new what love could do {excited she screams} Jacob Miller I love that song {singing} I was lonely, I love that song, I love that song, It could make a nice likkle sample.?

She says she would really like to do a callabo with Missy Elliot and something soon may be in the works with Ludacris and DTP?s First Lady Shawna. You can check out her new single Hot like That featuring Miami?s Rap Queen Trina.

Coming in 2007 a whole story, a whole chapter, a whole album. Check her out on

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