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What joy it brings whenever I think about the years spent at Excelsior High School in Jamaica. I remember it like it was yesterday, my first day in 1st form, Sept. 3 1978. I had on my brand new Khaki uniform, new shoes and my XlCR badge on my front pocket. You see, when I took my Common Entrance Examinations I had chosen JC or Wolmers, I didn't see my name for any of these schools so I assumed I had not passed until and alert prep school teacher saw my name for XLCR. I thought what the heck, a school is a school, and furthermore I passed! I would come to realize that the change in schools was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Killaface Sound and I went to NewYork, Killaface representing not only his sound, but a past XLCR Alum himself, having played on the Manning Cup team in '93 as a goalkeeper. I was there to represent all the older past students. arrived at the XLCR Reunion party at approximately 2am early for NewYork Standards. Approximately 75 or so people was on hand although the crowd would grow to just under 400. Adm. was a modest $20 and music was provided by Lava Intl, Killaface Sound and Kolours Intl.

The juggling was great every sound did well to keep a good vibe throughout the dance. Got to give a special big-up to our own Killaface Sound who did a magnificent job on the turntables. Wicked Face started out with a good round of cultural tunes. from Fanton Mojan to Richie Spice to Sizzler to Chuck Fender you name it, and by the way the crowd responded they enjoyed every minute of it.

He then followed with the more jiggy tunes which had the NewYork ladies screaming for more. Lava Intl started their round with a barage of hip hop tunes which were ok for a minute , but you could tell the girls wanted some harcore dancehall. Things were going ok, until Tony Matterhorn's "Dutty Whine was played and all held broke loose. Girls were simply out of their minds. At one point the selector had to remind the girls not to shake out the false hair dem.

While most were having fun I was circling the dance in hopes of spotting a former classmate or schoolmate, but I had no such luck. Most of the past students in attendance were fairly young having graduated as early as 2005. I felt real old when asked what my graduation year was.

All in all it was a wonderful event, my only hope is that the promoters try to focus more on getting more XLCR students there in the future, especially the older ones :)

Big up to my friends Andrew Bartley & Hylliary Williams for their warm hospitality while in NewYork.

PS see the pics in the picture Gallery

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