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45 Shoot out-The opinion

45 Shoot out-The opinion

Now I'm @ home relaxed and calm. After reading the article. I have mixed feelings about what happened Saturday night. First of all, I totally came expecting oh so much more than what I got. Reminiscing about the 97 clash for the past month. I just expected too damn much. I got there early because I wanted to hear everything from start to finish, just in case there were any discrepancies I could help clear them. Kirk from Infinity did the early juggling, which was great. That should have been a clue right there that they were not participating. Especially when I asked him how come he's finished so soon and he told he's just done for the night. Conquerors gave me the vibe as if they just knew they were going to lose. Drag assing with the foundation tunes. Fucking ridiculous to me I think they should have come in feeling like they wanted to win. Well, at least they played. All the love goes to Untouchables. Don really tried his best especially being an older sound and being a one-man sound that usually play basement gigs. Unno done know that RootsRock is my sound. I am totally bias, but being a huge clash fan my mind frame was clear of being bios because Infinity is one of my favorite Detroit Sounds as well and I was ready for total war.

A little more history. See people, for clash fans in Detroit this clash was suppose to clear up a decade of Detroit clash drama. Leslie help me clear up any mistakes I make with telling this story. Back in 96 and 97 there was a clash one each year and in those clashes Wiz International was runner up and damn near won the clash, which pissed off RootsRock so bad that he went into clash retirement (he damn near tore the place up). The promoter (Leslie of Oak Park) almost got his ass kicked for being bios. Buffalo (Extreme) back then just a spectator talked so much shit on the sidelines that it was bound for him to start his own sound. It was his big mouth that got Wiz to be the Runner up. Infinity won both clashes. With Rootsrock being the runner up one year and Wiz runner up the other year. So you see, some things need to be settled.

RootsRock to me came out of retirement for some bullshit and should be so pissed off that he take his trophy and dash it in the trash. Since Conquerors had 9 years to grow up and mature I expected so much more. Billy and Papa Josh do a lot of the stage shows around here and I have heard them play in the A2. Totally Wicked and I couldn't wait to hear there dubs. I was trying to see how they're warring skills were going to be displayed. Wiz lost their fan base so I was totally looking forward to seeing them being forced to actually try and win. Since Buffalo was in the war he couldn?t jump up and act a fool for Wiz but war against him. Untouchables and Ghetto Vibes, well I have nothing to say about them.

Infinity knows it's time to give up the damn crown and for whatever reason (Paul gave me a different reason) they didn't clash. They GOT DANG should have. Shit needs to be settled and to me all of the sounds that didn't play or show don?t care about the Detroit dancehall scene. Clashing is a part of the Dancehall scene. My opinion is that Infinity has gotten obsessed with the dancing thing and just doesn?t care about clashing. Or like someone close to me mentioned, maybe they are so use to wearing this imagination decade old crown that they are just afraid to give it up or getting to old to battle. Hey guys just remember if we in this dancehall community are going to give it to them. We have to give it all to them. We have to get Detroit to accept all of it. All in all this entire clash was totally disappointing. And it didn?t help that the Promoter was running the kitchen when he should have been running the clash. All a unno fi blame.


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