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It was the night everyone was waiting for the battle between all of Detroit\\\'s sound systems (or so we thought). What was billed as a clash between 13 local area sound sytems eventually became a clash between 4 sounds, Xtreme, Conquerus, Roots Rock & Untouchable. I\\\'ll discuss why so many sounds failed to show up later. Xtreme started the judgment with Rudy Mack & Buffalo at the controls their 15 minute set was ok, nothing spectacular to really mention.

Buffalo started out by making some verbal attacks against Roots Rock at one point stating that \\\"i man ago kill Roots Rock bumbo Cloth\\\"\\\' but, no killing occured. Xtreme failed to move the crowd in this round, they played tunes that no one ever heard before in their lives. I wondered what were they thinking. Conquerus was next and sad to say more of the same, Conquerus was not prepared for this clash, at times they were confused as to which songs to play. They pretty much kept the dance on a cultural level, when they should probably have stepped up the pace with some dance tunes. Untouchable was the next sound to play their 15 minutes, and believe me it was 15 minutes of pure frustration. He started his round with \\\"Greetings I Bring from Jah\\\" Which had the crowd excited, but what he followed up with was unexplainable I can\\\'t even think of the name of the artist he came up with, everyone knows that \\\"Greetings is always followed up by Super Cat\\\'s \\\"Under Pressure\\\" but he chose otherwise and immediately lost the crowd. Roots Rock was next and without a doubt he had the fire blazing. He started out with some strong words for the other sounds, telling Xtreme \\\"dem a blood cloth dead under the treatment, none a unouu nuh bad like Roots Rock a bumbo cloth\\\". The crowd was instantly energized. Roots Rock started out with some foundation tunes, Richie Spice and the likes then took the dance to another level by playing tunes like \\\"Ghanster Rock, Dutty Whine etc. \\\" he even played a number of tunes on the Wipe Out Rhythm. Roots Rock round wasn\\\'t all good however, in the sense that Roots Rock played over 5 tunes during his round. Now traditionally sounds have been disqualified or points deducted for such behavior, but since that was not made clear at the beginning, he was allowed to play on. After Roots Rock round ended a vote was made and Conquerus & Untouchable was voted out.

Roots Rock started the round with Dennis Brown\\\'s \\\"Love & Hate\\\" which got the crowd delighted. Baby Cham\\\'s Ghetto Story among other big tunes on the rhythm pretty much wrapped up the dance in Roots Rock favor. When Xtreme came in there seemed to be some discontent in the Xtreme camp as Buffalo simply walked away from the turntables and left Rudy Mack to select and handle the mike. According to Buffalo, Rudy Mack was not playing what he wanted him to play and therefore he could not support what Rudy Mack was doing. Rudy Mack, however was quite good in this round. he started screamin like Fire Links making more verbal treats to Roots Rock. unfortunately he didn\\\'t make a true connection with the crowd and after the final vote was in, Roots Rock was named the \\\"45\\\" Shootout Champions. (see pic above)

Now lets go back to what I mentioned earlier about why so many sounds did not show up. In all 13 sounds were invited. Only Zuma Hi-Fi contacted me prior to the dance to tell me he would not be able to attend because Universal Xpression had a gig in Toronto, which is understandable. Some sounds called me the night of the show stating that they were either getting ready to come or was driving and would be there shortly (Ghetto Vibes & Wizz Intl) One Root Sound was at the event but told me he didn\\\'t bring any records, so too did Strictly Roots Movement. Infinity Sound was at the venue but he also refused to play, the reason given to me was that he didn\\\'t feel that he should play with so many \\\"not soh good sounds\\\" he felt that because Infinity was better than the rest, that all the other sounds should have had a face off between themselves and the winner of that face off battle with Infinity, Roots Rock etc. That argument makes no sense the competition was to see who is Detroit\\\'s #1 sound not who is #3 or #4 I didn\\\'t know that Infinity was already voted the #1 sound and therefore he didn\\\'t need to be included in the competition. Paul, your decision not to play was a selfish one. You not only turned your back on me, the other members of Infinity, The other sound men, but you also turned your back on all your loyal fans who have came to love and respect Infinity Sound. I don\\\'t possibly know how you could have simply turned your back on all your fans that were there begging you to play. Paul, that was an injustice to all I only hope that you can some way try to mend the hearts that were broken by your refusal to play.

As to everyone that didn\\\'t didn\\\'t show up or showed up and didn\\\'t play, I think you were simply AFRAID, you were AFRAID that you were not good enough to play with the best, well your refusal to show up simply tells me that you should get out the sound business, because if you don\\\'t feel your\\\'e good enough to play 45\\\'s then what good are you. These events are meant to be away to showcase your talents to Detroit and the rest of the world. When other promoters see that there is a sound in Detroit doing well they may be more inclined to book you for events in there states. Do you sound men prefer to play in your basements and do early juggling for much bigger & better sounds, come on Detroit rise to the occasion. When an opportunity presents itself take it and run. Most of you will never reach any further than where you are now and failure to showcase your talent at and event such as this one shows that.

Big-up to Conquerus, Xtreme, Untouchable & Roots Rock for holding up the Gideon and making Detroit Shine.

Thanks to the over 150 people that attended, your efforts were greatly appreciated. We were able to raise over $750 money that is badly needed for repairs and updates to again thanks so much.


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