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One of the most anticipated dances scame to the Windy City featuring none other than Ding Dong-Bad Man forward Bad man Pull-Up. Music was provided by Fireworks Movement, Deangelo King, Class One, Intrigue Sound from NewYork and our own Infinity Sound.

Attendance was low for a Chicago Dance event only about 400 was in attendance. Detroit was definitely in the house however,the Hotta Flexx Crew, was there in full effect along with our very own George Strait.

The vibes was nice throughout the night, Infinity did Dtroit proud by burning a nice fire throughout their round, unfortunately they were only allowed to play for 1 quick round, more on that later. George Strait has surely made his mark in Chicago he gave it his all and he definitely had the crowd gazing in amazement.

But the night belonged to Ding Dong he gave the people what they wanted all the new dances plus some explosive dj performances. He had the girls following him every where he went up to and including our own Hotta Flexx Crew.

It was quite and entertaining night, Overmars from New York help to keep it jiggy all night long and George Strait who had the crowd going with his many moves.

Godd to see Detroiters getting out and about experiencing what other places have to offer. As I alluded to earlier Infinity only played one round. The question is? why don't sounds show us the same love and respect we show them when they come to Detroit. Whenever a sound is invited to play here, they are given the prime time to play and usually end the dance, whenever we go to play in Chicago we are usually given a quck 15 minutes in the early part of the dance and never asked to play again. Now I understand if the sound is not playing well, but if the sound has a good vibe show some love and allow them to play for an extended period of time, it's only fair. But, dem a give we a fight but we still a hold the Gideon.

See pics in our picture galley more to come

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