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This has to be one of the biggest reggae shows to hit Detroit. Inside the Royal Oak Music Theatre reggae fans from all over Michigan , Windsor & Toledo came out to see and hear two of the biggest names in reggae today. Doors opened at 6pm but it was almost 10:15pm when the reigning queen of dancehall "Lady Saw" entered the stage. Sporting a well done hairdo and clothes to match. Lady Saw energized the crowd on hand. Opting for a dj playing tracks rather than a band Lady Saw went into a medley of hits after hits.

Her performance was especially for the ladies. Hits like "If the man left" & "it's raining my body is calling" made the ladies in the audience scream with delight. Lady Saw also delivered many new hits including "I got your man""Whey dem feel like' her 45 minute performance although short was packed with a lot of excitement.

It was almost 21/2 hours later before the King of the Dancehall came to the stage, and although some were visibly upset for waiting for such a long time, for most it was well worth it. Silver Cat came out first and helped to warm up the crowd with his many hits including "Two fowl inna di yard" & "di gal dem capture me" after his performance ended it was Little Kirk who delighted the crowd with his singing. What a wonderful voice his rendition of some of Bob Marley's greatest hits was a joy to hear.

Then came the "Doctor" himself. What more can be said about the greatest DJ to walk this earth. Beenie trilled the audience for approximately 1hr.15min. His many hits kept the audience screaming for more. Songs like "King of the dancehall" "Bookshelf" and countless others had Detroit begging the King for more.

the sow finally ended approximately 1:30am. Only about 350 people were in attendance, a low turnout for such an explosive show. Many patrons were upset because of the choice of venue. Some were scared to venture pass 8 mile, while others were upset that they were not allowed to bring their cameras in. Some did anyway and I was able to get a few pics courtesy of Pauline. see pics in the picture gallery more to come.

PS: why didn't Beenie man & Lady Saw do a duet together, enquiry minds want to know?

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