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Fire Links Sets Chicago on Fire

Fire Links Sets Chicago on Fire

Fashion Ova Style/ Red Carpet Affair

Sounds: Fire Links, Fireworks, Class One, One Blood

Promoter: Jam Down

Date: Saturday, April 29, 2006

Venue: East of Ryan, Chicago, IL


One of the hottest djs out of Jamaica, Fire Links came to Chicago with his unique style. Best known for Jamaica’s Hot Mondays, creating riddims like the ever-famous Mad Instruments Riddim, and his antics on the mic.

RGE arrived to the location at about 1:45 a.m. and walked the red carpet inside to find D’Angelo King keeping the vibes. The place was packed as expected, and the atmosphere was electric as everyone anticipated the main event.

A selection Hip Hop and R&B was what Fire Links chose to start off with. When he announced that it was dancing class, the place went mad! A host of dancers hit the dance floor for every kind of style dancehall has to offer. Standing out were the Mad Twins, Haitian Rude Boy, and Candie, who all were recently in Detroit for Dance or Die. George Straight was in the place to represent Detroit. Even the selectors turned dancers when Swacky, Scratchy B, and D’Angelo King joined George Straight on the stage to demonstrate George’s “Tame the Bull.”

Fire Links never leaves out the ladies who all started walking out when he played Spice’s “Nuh Fight Ova Man”, and the hot “Bun Him” by Macka Diamond and Blacker. A circle formed around Midwest Dancehall Queen, Candie, as she performed the Dutty Wine while doing the splits. Pocahontas joined in and started spinning her head so fast, her head looked like it was going to twirl right off.

The party ended about 5:30 a.m. I can truly say that I don’t think anyone left the place sweating and unsatisfied. Upon exiting, certain guests were asked for an interview on the red carpet.

Big-ups to the dancehall massive in Chicago. You always turn the place out and make us feel so welcome.

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