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"London cold a mek mi tell you say London cold, Jamaica nice, Jamaica nice." True words spoken by the great Yellowman. Well, it was cold in London, but other than that everything was perfect. As part of my quest to increase the scope of events on headline news. I travelled to London, England for the 4th installment of the UK Cup clash series. This years line up included Bassodssey( Jamaica), Sound Trooper(Jamaica), X-Ta-C 4x4(UK), King Tubbys(US), LP Sound(US), Mighty Crown ( Who did not attend due to the death of one of Mighty Crown selector's father) & Sentinel(Germany). arrived at the Stratford Rex Center approximately 2am. Adm. was L33.50 inside they were approximatel 3500 people gathered to witness one of the most talked about clashes this part of Europe. This years clash was hosted by none other than TWINS OF TWINS.

LP sound was on stage as I enetered, their round was mediocre at least, no real connection with the crowd a few well placed Bounty Killa's seem to ignite a spark but that was about it. Next up was X-Ta-C 4x4 while their round was a bit better, they too failed to capture the crowd. They started out with a clash favourite, Bounty Killa's "Sound a go dead and di world mi a tell", then another Bounty on the Duck rhythm "Me nuh have mercy" followed by a Mad Cobra "Pussy life lost" followed by another Bounty on the Duck rhythm "Better stop Kill" a Lexxus and Ghetto Story by Baby Cham finished out the round. Bassodyssey, Sound Trooper, Sentinel & King Tubbys had already played earlier. Twins of Twins came out and asked the crowd to show hands as to who should stay and who should leave. LP sound was the first fatality.

The next round featured foundation tunes only. No DJ Tunes. While I enjoyed the concept of this round by the time it got to the 4th sound it became quite boring. Since there were no DJ tunes to increase the tempo it was a very slow & un inspiring period of the dance.

Bassodyssey was first, notably absent was Squingy who apparently was still out with a long illness. Worm controlled the mic while DJ Mark was on the turntables. Bass did well in this round they started out with a Sanchez "Since you been around" to a big forward, followed by yet another Sanchez, then "bun a fire pon a weak sound' followed by a Beres "Sound boy your dying'. Overall they gave a solid round only one or two tunes didn't get a forward.

King Tubby's was next they started out with a Dennis Brown "trying to get to you" followed by a Marci Griffits "It's alright to kill a soundboy" then another Dennis Brown, "Too much idiot sound" But with all the heavy artillery they failed miserably getting maybe one or two forwards.

Sentinel was next, they did a little better kept a good vibe throughout the round but had pockets of bad selections. Biggest forward came from Maxi Priest "Leave take good care" Sentinel selectors were quite bold on the mic at one point Sentinel's lead mic man pointed at Trooper and said. "Trooper you will never understand it" and then played "Putting up a resistance"

Sound Trooper was next and by far this clash was Trooper's best showing. Before Trooper started his round he removed the German Flag that was beside him and replace it with the Jamaican flag this got a big forward. Trooper started out by saying that him a di youngest sound in yah "but mi ago kill everyting in yah" he then played a Puddy Roots"You trying to kill Sound Trooper, but you never will conqueror sound trooper" followed by "Sweet Majesty" & then a Carlton Livingston"Pass me di Laser Beam" trooper also had a few pockets of tunes in which he received no forwards, but overall kept a good vibe.

X-TA-C 4x4 was next they failed to carry any momentum. 4x4 received maybe two 1/2 forwards for their whole round after a vote they were eliminated.

The 4th round was the no cursing round. 45's & dub were ok. Bassodyssey was first they again carried the round. Almost every tune was a forward. they started out with "legalize it" then another big forward for "dem want I come a dem funeral" then Bounty Killa's "Coppershot", SuperCat's "Vineyard" received a tremendous forward as did Bounty Killa's "Lodge". Bassodyssey introduced a Buju on the Wipe Out Rhythm (made famous by the Beach Boys) which received a big forward.

Sentinel was next they started out with a dub from Vybz Kartell "I never" followed by a Bounty "Kill fi Fun" they even played a Lt. Stitchie an artist I haven't heard on dub in a long time. Courtney Melody's dub " Anytime we come we dangerous" received a good forward. However, their round was weak maybe 3 or so forwards.

Trooper was next he started by telling the crowd "that a 5 pickney im have and im have fi left Jaro fi go pan him own" Trooper started out with a wicked combination featuring Beres & Buju and although it was well put together it didn't receive the forward he was looking for. Trooper did make and interesting comment he said that most sounds are not cutting any more combinations on dub and that he is dedicated to keeping good cominations as part of his dub arsenal. Trooper did very well in this round gaining many forwards. Sentinel was eliminated from this round.

So the last round and tune fi tune round was to be decided by Bassodyssey & Sound Trooper. They would be 10 tunes played 5 dubs each sound. Bassodyssey started out 1st they played an Admiral Tibbet "Living inna serious times" to a very big forward. Trooper in response made the biggest mistake of his career he replayed the same Admiral Tibbet on the same rhythm as bassodyssey he was booed disgracefully. Bassodyssey then played "Bassodyssey don'y fraid a you at all" Trooper answered with "Tings a come up to bump" not so big a forward- round to Bassodyssey so now it's Bassodyssey 2-0. Bass then played "When we kill a sound" Trooper then answered with "Jah Jah see dem a come, but Trooper a di conqueror" big forward for Trooper score 2-1. When Bassodyssey came back in Worm told Trooper to stop getting Jaro dubs with trooper name in it and "patching out" Jaro name and using the dubs as his own. he then said' "we have original tunes" and then played a Garnet Silk this received a big forward. Tropper tried to answer with a Carlton Livingston but this could not stand up to the might of the Garnet Silk. Round to Bassodyssey. They went back and forth for more tunes including a Marci Griffits by Bassodyssey & a Wailing Souls by Trooper, but the nail in the coffin came when Bassodyssey played Jimm Cliff's " "I can see clearly now" & "Many river to cross" Trooper could not find a suitable response he was booed for digracefully.

Bassodyssey won UK CUP 2K6. Just want to say big up to all the UK massive big up to Junior who showed the way to the dance, Blacka Dread Music for providing the tickets and Junnie's Restaurant for the good Jerk Chicken.

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