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Well if you wanted a bash you got it. Dance or Die lived up if not exceeded all expectations. From the moment Killa Face & Shashamane touched the turntables it was non stop excitement. On hand representing Detroit was our own George Strait & The Hotta Flexx Crew, Detroit\'s Dancehall Queen Selebrity was unable to make it to this event. representing Chicago was Chicago\'s Dancehall Queen \"Candi\", The Midwest Dancehall Queen 3rd place Winner \"Pocohontas\", The Mad Twins, The Haitian Rudeboy & Ferenzic Unit. Representing Toronto was Toronto\'s Dancehall Queen \"Simone\"

Early juggling was provided by King Harmony, Xtreme Sound & Soca Warrior. Over 200 people came out for this event, some came from as far as Ann Arbor while a few drove in from Chicago & Toronto.

It was almost 1am when Killaface took control of the Mic. With his 30 minutes, Killaface built up a strong vibe with a good mixture of cultural tunes, which included songs by Richie Spice, Fanton Mojan and even Dennis Brown after Killaface ended his 30 minutes Shashamane took the Mic. Shashamane endorced what Killaface was playing by continiuing with more foundation and culture tunes along with some of those hits from the past including the original rudeboy anthem from the Warlord himself, Bounty Killa\'s \"Fi mi gun nuh join lodge\" a few Super Cats including my favourite "Vineyard" and some Dennis Brown concluded the round. Soca Warrior came in and delighted the Soca Posse with a good dose of Soca.

You could tell, however that everyone was dying with anticipation as to when the the real jiggy stuff would start, George Strait was nervously pacing the floor just waiting to get into his routine for the night. Candi who was dressed in what can only be described as a hotta than hot outfit (Short Batty Rider Shorts with her name written on the back) was ready to get loose. We also all wanted to see the Detroit Premier of Simone\'s \"Matrix Dutty Wine\" So when Killa Face came in for his next 30 minutes he went immediately into the jiggy music. Everyone went wild, Hotta Flexx, Simone Haitian Rude Boy and all the others gave a good show, so good was it that they went on stage for everyone to see.

Simone did her well advertised Dutty Matrix Wine which included a back flip of sorts and a split, me nuh know how are sinting nuh buss up. Candi did one remarkable move by going on top of her head and started moving her waistline it left everyone speechless. George Strait and Pocohantas along with the Hotta Flexx Crew had the crowd going with their rendetion of the \"Bad Man Forward Badman Pullup\" The greatest moment of the night was when Simone got the Haitin Rudeboy in the air and started simulating giving him some good sex every man just stared in disbelief, it was quite spectatular to say the least. Time was getting late so after Killaface Face ended his 30 minutes the clash was immediately started.

Instead of playing 15/15 minutes they decided to go tune fi tune. Shashamane went first he played a Twins of Twins intro which featured voice overs of Mutabaruka, Bounty Killa & Bob Marley, it was funny to hear Mutabaruka decribe Killaface as a over grown Gorilla this tune receved a big forward. Killa Face answered back with Bushman\'s \'Bun a Fire pon a weak sound, this also received a big forward, Shashamane answered with a new artist called Tanzania who did a wonderful rendetion of a Lauren Hill hit, Killaface answered with Sizzler\'s \"Rise to the Occassion\" Shashamane countered with his own Sizzler \"Shashamne don\'t apologize to no Batty Bwoy\', Killaface Face then released his secret weapon - Baby Cham\'s \"Ghetto Story\" this received a big forward, Shashamane came back with another Sizzler \"You gonna loose your life\" which also got a big forward, Killaface proceeded with Uton Green\'s \"Caan tek di bum bum ratta tatta bam bam\" Dennis Brown\'s \"Revolution was Shashamane\'s answer, Killaface replied with Jah Cure\'s \"Prison Wall\". Before Shashamane replied with his next tune, he told Killaface \"Killaface you better play big tune inna dis bumbo cloth\" and released Isreal Vibration\'s \"We treat sounds repectively\" big forward followed. Killaface did well by responding with a Shabba \"Elders\" to another big forward. Shashamane showed the depth of his dub box by playing a Marcia Groiffits \"Sound you gonna did, die die\" nuff forward for this tune. Killaface responded with telling Shashamane that \"me ago play the biggest Rass Cloth tune right now\" Junior Kelly\'s \'Take this Dub and receive...\" Shashamane then siad \"Me ago counteract dah Junior kelly deh wid a Junior Marvin\" \" Soundboy don\'t put your hat where you can\'t reach it\". Killaface response was a Luciano \" Don\'t matter what you play now soundboy\" Shashamane received one of his biggest forwards when he played Yelloman\'s \"Zuguzunguzeng\" Killaface received a big forward also when he replied with Morgan Heritage\'s Liberation. After a Warrior King by Shashamane and a Gyptian by Killface a few more tunes were played then it was time for the vote. Overwhelmingly everyone voted Killa Face Sound the winner.

I would like to thank everyone for their support with this event . I would like to thank RGE for all their support all the people from Chicago and Toronto who came also would like to thank Jonathan Cunnigham for his article in the Metrotimes, Strictly Roots Music, King Harmony Sound for providing the music and everyone in Detroit who contributed in someway.

Look out for the DVD & Audio which should be available by April 1st.

Pics for the dance will be in gallery later today

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