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2006 started out with a bang. Invasion USA featuring Canada\'s Black Reaction Soul Controllers & Soca Sweetness lived up to everyone\'s expectation. arrived at the WIAA Hall at approximately 12am. Inside a capacity crowd of 250 people was already enjoying good old fashion reggae music. There was a strong contingent of Canadians, which was delightful because they added extra energy to an already energized dance. King Harmony & Roots Rock Sound provided the early juggling. They both played well building an early vibes for the invasion that was to take place later. Music was provided by King Harmony Sound, and I have to admit that their sound is one of the elite sounds in Detroit; baseline was excellent as was the top end.

Soca Sweetness started out first, and I tell you the Trinis in the dance got their money\'s worth. Soca Sweetness kept the dance floor jiggy all through their set with a well energized round of hardcore Soca. Black Reaction, Canada\'s Fully Loaded winners, were next, and they kept the tempo going. They started out with a Sanchez Dub that had everyone with their hands in the air. They then followed with a few foundation tunes and then got straight into the hype tunes. The biggest tune for the night came when Black Reaction played \"Ghetto Story\" by Baby Cham - it received 5 forwards. By this time George Straight had arrived and he wasted no time in showing off all the latest dances. I was extremely impressed with his rendition of the newest dance on the streets \" Badman Forward? & ?Badman Pull-up\". I just wonder why \"Badman\" a get so much big up. You mean to tell me that after you a go round and a kill innocent people you get a dance named after you?!! In any event Black Reaction did a wonderful job keeping the dance floor moving all night. I was disappointed, however, that Black Reaction did not play any dubs other than the opening Sanchez and maybe one other it was all 45\'s. I know that the dancing thing rules the dancehall nowadays, but whappen to di shotta dem we want fi hear our tunes to. A few Bounty Killa\'s and Kartel on dub would have been nice to hear along with some cultural tunes from Fanton Mojan and Richie Spice, just a note for the future.

Soul Controllers changed the pace by going to hiphop and r&b. They did a wonderful job especially with their various remixes of reggae tunes on hiphop beats. The young and the old found themselves ?droppin it like its hot? from all the booty shaking music.

The fun finally ended around 4am. Just wanted to say big-up to Fuji One promotions for keeping the vibes alive. By the way a few people came to me and said that NewWorld Promotion done a Fuji One a take over now! Well, that\'s all good as long as someone a bring di vibes may all the blessings follow them. But as Kartel said, \"dem tink mi dead, but mi nuh dead mi ago live till me a two hundred.\" Just wait fi my big clash inna March.

Big up to all those who attended it was good to see Paul from Infinity, he was so wrapped up inna di corner with him ooman that not even breeze could pass through. Big up Billy The Kid, OC Roberts, Reggae Gurlz, Poppy and the crew, George Straight, The 30 Someting Crew, and all the Windsor Detroit & Toronto massives. Keep logging on to for information on \"Invasion USA 2\" coming to dancehall near you.

PS: Pictures are posted in our photo gallery and on the message board under Fuji dance.

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